Why ADHD rocks

I’m guest-posting over at Inky-n-the-brain today all about some of the good things about ADHD. Not denying that sometimes there are issues with it, but this is a feel-good post about an area I feel passionate about. As I say over there, if you could give me a pill to take it away, I wouldn’t touch the pill.

Feel free to pop over there and see what I have to say. It’s a good positive-vibe place to hang out too!


Why ADHD rocks – surprising view of a freelancing expat

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Let the WTG wine and dine you this weekend!

WTG showcase extravaganzaThe Whitehaven Theatre Group are laying on a rather special spread this weekend and promising a delightful evening’s entertainment for all who come along. For just two nights – Friday 4th and Saturday 5th September – the WTG are doing something a little bit different to usual down at Egremont’s Market Hall.

After some wonderful successful shows in recent years including The Full Monty and The Wedding Singer, the ambitious gang have decided to give us a full ‘buffet spread’ of songs from the musicals. Numbers from Annie, Rent, Grease, Mamma Mia, Oliver and many more should ensure a wonderful time for all.

What’s more, the audience will be seated formally around tables with waiter service for drinks from the bar and nibbles and sandwiches provided. You can buy individual tickets for £10 or book your own table for ten people for just £90 – it’s a bargain!

The organisers are recommending you book your tickets ahead of time (http://www.ticketsource.co.uk/whitehaventheatregroup or call 07588051942) and arrive at 6:30pm to be seated and get drinks before the show starts promptly at 7pm.

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Homeschooling a girl: Then there were two…

Remember I said that Thing II was reconsidering his choice to go to school come this September? Guess what? Yep, I need to change the title of this particular series. The git has decided he will do homeschooling instead.

It wasn’t an easy decision for him to be fair. Not only did Wifey and I grill him to within an inch of being a BBQ but the boy genuinely agonized over what to do. He loves socializing and hanging around with others but at the same time he’s not too keen on the actual lessons bit of school and can completely miscommunicate with teachers (with anyone really) which kinda defeats the point in going to school.

What I was pleased about was that as Thing I and I got on with homeschooling over this Summer break, Thing II joined in too and that’s what’s changed his mind. He actually likes this way of doing school. Obviously his old man isn’t too much of a dragon.

So after making him sit down to discuss pros and cons and make lists and so on, he finally decided that he would try it out for the next year at least. It was odd, after ranting about how good homeschooling is that I spent many conversations with him saying “er…son I think you should really give state school a chance seeing as you chose it originally”. But despite that, he’s made his choice and I’m proud of him for doing so.

So now there are two!



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The magic of the scriptures?

The Holy Scriptures tell us:

* that some of the night celestial bodies in the sky are a deception and not really there (Hezekiah 3:4)

* that our beings came from the heavens and we lived many lives over (Ishmael 12:7)

* that we are deceived by nature, can touch nothing and are actually beings of energy which float above the ground (Damascus 5:1)

* that objects can and do, by the power of God, vanish from existence and reappear somewhere else in an instant (Jeroboam 4:4)

* that our sense of time is an illusion and we’re actually moving in the opposite direction to the rest of the universe. We’re moving backwards in time! (Jonas 1:13)

* that two objects can be completely separated from each other, miles apart, and yet when one changes direction God will change the direction of the other instantly by his will (Matthias 5:5)


Well, except that I lied and no scriptures say any of this (I made up all the references). Instead, these are current scientific theories and observations (ask me in the comments if you want to know what the science behind these really is). Some are well established, others are more uncertain and the theories will undoubtedly change over time. Almost all though, are beliefs at the end of the day – beliefs of scientists based on what little they can test and observe.

But I wonder how many of you shook your heads at the incredulity of gullible religious people? Yet had I presented these in more traditional ways using the acceptable language of the day would you have unquestioningly believed what I said because Science tells you it is so? Yes, I messed with the language a bit to make them sound ‘religious’ but be under no doubt, Science conventions have their own ‘language’ which we take for granted but are intended to be convincing.

This is not a post mocking science nor putting religion on a pedestal. It is a post seeking to encourage us all to question what we believe and who we trust to tell us truth. I find that the best scientists and the most faithful religious people both do exactly that and refuse to believe anything unthinkingly simply because some authority tells us so.

Every psychologist knows just how easy it is to shape our preconceptions and our prejudices. The histories of religion and science are both littered with lies, deceptions, cruelty and inhumanity not because either are wrong or evil but because all of us are capable of doing wrong. Especially when those we trust unfailingly tell us it is right.

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Save The Memories

“Every time I walk past the school or through the school, it just doesn’t seem real. It doesn’t seem real that come September I won’t see any boys on the rugby pitch. I won’t see any girls on the rounders pitch. I won’t hear music streaming softly out of the music block. I won’t see anyone on the benches. There won’t be any art on the art block walls. I won’t hear the chapel organ on a Tuesday. I won’t rush to Priory to sing in the choir on a Friday. I won’t have the RSM shouting out orders in CCF on a Thursday.

And that’s sad.”

Thing I has written a new post – probably the last she’ll do on the closing of St Bees School. She ponders over the impact of the loss and is a very tender dealing with the subject.

I hate loss – of a school, of a way of life, of a friend – but these things happen for a reason and all you can do is work through them, learn from it all and move on. Thing I is doing that here.

Please have a read by clicking the link below and show your support.

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