Minipost 17 – The ways people get here baffle me…

If you are a non-blogger who just happens to have come across this blog please put your email address in the box to the side and click “Sign me up”. More than half my followers are fellow bloggers which is great but we write obsessively and we collect other blogs obsessively. It is nice to get followers who do so just because they like to read this particular blog – one feels extra specially loved that way!

That said, this minipost is directed more at my fellow bloggers this time around – but I hope you’ll all be interested in it anyway!

Bloggers tend to be obsessive about their statistics. We spend hours looking at how many people have read the blog today and I positively whoop for joy when I get a new country! But I don’t hear many talking about the search terms used to find our blogs from Google or similar search engine. Such stats are available and I thought I would share some of the more interesting ones used by readers to find my humble corner of the blogging world.

Many are what you expect – directly related to my actual posts. Chris Moyles in various forms crops up at the top – what a pity I only wrote about him once! Kenthinksaloud is next in popularity – good to know many people are really looking for my blog rather than something else. War of the Worlds was a popular review and Bangla fashion in three parts (I, II & III) was another big one. Sundarban tiger and Clubfoot work also feature high up the list of popular search terms.

After that, it all starts to get a bit worrying…

It would seem there is a market for Bangla porn and hot girls in sarees. Several times Bangla model Sarika cropped up and tight-fitting shalwar kameezes are well in. Well, I guess this is understandable these days. However…

Subservient wife, girls pleasing girls, Bangladesh naughty potty, hot working women (why?!), my son and daughter take baths together, women barefoot in mud(oh yeah…),  man wearing a saree(!)… the list goes on in a similar and increasingly ‘interesting’ fashion.

Now don’t get me wrong. No judgement here why these things are being googled (I’m sure Subservient wife was for an intelligent and reasoned article…). But what I find odd is that these terms got people to my blog! Seriously – naughty potty? I don’t think I’ve ever used either of these words in any post! It does worry me that my blog has accidently become a portal for vices it was never designed for…

Some are just strange. In Bangladesh you have nights that are light, I’m told and it’s so hard not to be so selfish with your love oldies – honestly, if I knew what that meant I might be able to agree. Hottest hug to wife,sounds quite sweet but, again, how did that make it to my blog?  Hot tutors in sari disturbs me in several ways and I have no idea what la proyeccion Mercator means.

However you made it to my blog, you are most welcome. I hope you’ll stay and  gain a love for Bangladesh on the way. I also hope you’ll forgive the complete absence of porn, cross-dressing, or hot sultry Asian models on these pages which clearly so many are interested in. It’s just life, Bangladesh, Britain, teaching and writing in these pages – me thinking out loud and hoping you are ok with that.

But I’m not telling you what do Bangladeshi nurses wear for anything. Some things are private you know. Shame on you.


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21 Responses to Minipost 17 – The ways people get here baffle me…

  1. Totally hilarious! I also heard that ads seen below our blogposts get featured by picking up random words from the post

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rinth says:

    Hahahahahah I was almost on the verge of laughing out loud but people around are gonna think I’m crazy. This is hilarious! And the most funny part is when you’re apologizing to those people xD!


  3. Ladygardenia says:

    Haha, these were really funny…:P


  4. Really funny, I caught myself laughing out loud several times! And so true… What is Google thinking?! 🙂


  5. Boomie Bol says:

    Hs ha ” naughty potty” they must have been looking for my blog lol…


  6. Oh come on you were thinking aloud and google just mirrored them 😆
    Hilarious and one of my appeared in vampire drawings..well cant blame them.i do draw like a vampire would..invisible


  7. La La says:

    I get weird ones too, but these are awesome. Naughty potty! I know you had a whole post about it, you must have deleted it or something 😉


  8. oddznns says:

    Ahhh, I love this. In the same vein, i often wonder why I get sent emails promoting a certain cheap drug for middle aged men…. hahaha.


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