Published: Dinner not Going to be Cheap Anytime Soon

This post is well worth reading to understand more about the price hike problems people are facing in Bangladesh. This is something our friends around LAMB (most of them poor) are facing every day. Even I’ve noticed how much harder it is to buy food with many items now double or near double what they used to be just four years ago. Olinda’s article here describes the situation much better than I can. I urge you to read it.


Published: Dinner not Going to be Cheap Anytime Soon.

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2 Responses to Published: Dinner not Going to be Cheap Anytime Soon

  1. Coming East says:

    Very interesting article, Ken. We take food for granted here in the States, and even then, we complain about the high cost, all the while buying too much and wasting it.


    • Yes, we can all tend to do that I think. We’re such a wasteful society in the West. That said, Bangladeshis can be quite bad too! But the difference is the poor get badly hit by it all. Some of our friends can’t afford milk, meat or fish pretty much all the time. I don’t know how they manage at all.


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