Minipost 22 – changes to the blog – part one


Today’s minipost will be in two halves. The first half will be the last that can be read openly by anyone coming across the blog. The second half will be the first to be password-protected. There’s nothing devious about this. I’m just experimenting with a way around a problem that this wordpress site offers no solution for – at least at the moment.

As you know, if you follow this blog, the miniposts were designed to give short extra reads supplementing the longer main post I write each week. They are meant to be more personal and are aimed specifically at those of you who are kind enough to support the blog. I never advertised the posts on my Facebook or through any other media but there is no way to make them private on the blog itself.

In effect, it meant that anyone can read them who comes to the blog itself and I wanted to find a way around this. I appreciate those who follow the blog weekly and I am much more interested in supporters who become friends than in promoting my blog so far and wide that I have thousands of impersonal supporters. So what I’m about to do is, from a blogging point of view, blogging suicide. But I’m trying it anyway.

As from today, miniposts will be password protected.  Anyone signing up for the blog will receive an email telling them the password and it won’t be a difficult one to remember. For those of you who have already joined, I will be sending you an email soon with the password. I don’t know how to get the password to those of you who are bloggers yourselves so I will suggest you send me a quick email on:

I’ll send you an email right back with the password in it. You must be following the blog though, don’t forget!

This is going to mean that I’ll get less hits on the blog, I know. But I also hope it means that those who are passing by casually will chose to sign up so they get the password and enjoy all the posts I write.

It might not work. I know this too and, as I write, I haven’t even tried to set up the password protect function. I am hoping that the same password can be used for all the miniposts otherwise I will withdraw the idea. This could mean that you end up, if you are a follower, with an email containing this minipost that no longer exists on the web. Surely that will make it some kind of precious rarity?! You know – once I’m rich and famous…a long time from now…so file that email safely!

Assuming the password protect function works and you all come on board, this will mean I can write even more personal accounts and hopefully engage you all in discussions that you feel safer to share in. Let me know what you think.

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15 Responses to Minipost 22 – changes to the blog – part one

  1. Ladygardenia says:

    Hope to get the password soon 🙂


  2. Coming East says:

    Hope this works for you. I, of course, need the password because I must see how your children conquer their summer boredom!


  3. I don’t think it’s blogging suicide =)
    It was very strange though yesterday..I saw a guy in Portugal that looked remarkably like you..(well what I’ve seen from photo’s anyway!) and he was really tall also..I couldn’t help but stare..


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