Awards and Blogs you should read

Now then, over the last year or so I’ve been given a number of awards. The first couple or so I ignored because I couldn’t figure out how to get the awards on my own blog site. The next few I’ve put up but never carried out the instructions that come with them.

Bloggers, generally, consider this cheating but there is something of a ‘chain-mail’ feel to these awards and I don’t like it. Normally, you are required to give a certain number of facts about yourself (that’s ok) and then nominate 7, 10, 15 or whatever, Blogs for the same award. That’s where, for me, it all feels a bit cheap. I would more readily award blogs because I want to than because someone has told me I have to.

I do get left with a little bit of guilt though, when I post the awards on my blog. I’m pleased someone likes my blog enough to nominate me but I just don’t want to ‘fake’ it and make an awful lot more blogs. I could just ignore the whole blog award thing but, the blogging community is just that -a community – you can make some real good friends here who value you and your writing without it all becoming ‘stalker’-like. I don’t think I’m likely to propositioned by any of my blogging friends nor is my wife in danger of getting a “Dear John” letter telling her I’ve run off with a clown from Canada I met online (Hi Eric, by the way, if you happen to be reading this).

So, this is to make up for that in some small way. Today I will respond to the nice award given to me by a blogger called Rinth here. But, I’m not going to follow the rules exactly. Instead I’m going to do things a little differently but a little more real. I’m not even going to notify the bloggers I’m about to mention – they should end up reading this for themselves and I hope this will be a nice surprise for them when they do. Because that will be the point – they read my blog.

I’m going to give a list of bloggers who actually keep in touch with mine, comment, and generally support my blog. These bloggers actually write blogs I enjoy too and I’ll tell you a little about them. Basically, they are people I feel I am friends with, in some small way, and and I would like you to read their posts too and see what you think. I think that is a much better tribute to them than some random “nominate 150 more blogs” process. At the same time, the need to “tell us a little more about yourself” that comes with these awards will happen by the fact I’m going to tell you why I like these blogs. You should learn a thing or two about me if you read carefully.

Here goes then with my nominees for the Inspiring blogger Award (you’ll have to click on the link to Rinth’s to find out the ‘official rules’ for receiving this!):

Ruby Tuesday: A canvas of the minds

Ruby writes several blogs and this one is actually a collaboration with other authors. However, I know it is one that Ruby is particularly promoting at the moment and I leave it up to her to leave a comment guiding you to her other blogs if she so wishes. Ruby and I have become good friends over time and I think she is a brave woman dealing with a host of issues in her life.

When I was a teenager I had a pretty crappy time of it all and effectively ‘re-invented’ myself in 1986. I can sympathise with much of the kind of issues Ruby discusses in her blogs but I also enjoy her humour and honesty about herself. These are things that resonate deeply with me.

Le Clown

A very nice chap and very funny too who writes on a number of things and has a huge fanbase yet never fails to make you feel at home. I love the way he combines criticism of things with wonderful wit and I also think that he is quite an incredible man.

Earlier this year I discovered I have ADHD which came as a surprise to no one except me as well as my son. Le Clown also has the same situation except that his has been much more difficult to deal with than mine. As a father, I feel so much anger on his behalf for the things he has had forced upon his parenting, but very proud to be associated with him in some small way.

Marina Kanavaki

Marina is a lovely blogger who regular comments on mine and I do appreciate her interest. I read her blog – or more accurately LOOK – because I think she does amazing artworks.

When I did my first music degree, I also studied Art history for a couple of my degree modules. I love art but, alas, I’m rubbish at it myself! Instead, I studied all the major artists and found myself loving modern art more than anything else. Marina’s work mixes between the obscure and the very traditional, all with a wonderful flair. Check out her work and even buy some!

Confessions of an Apple Junkie

This young lady professes her faith in God in a delightfully refreshing way on her blog. She’s just as nice in her comments too and seems to genuinely enjoy life and appreciate the blessings that come her way. That said, she’s incredibly accident-prone and I don’t half worry about her sometimes! Still, she’s a delight and I always feel refreshed after reading her blog. I like being refreshed because, for me, the glass is inevitably half-full and never half-empty. What’s the point of believing in any kind of deity if that just leads you to condemn all around you and makes you generally pretty miserable. Apple Junkie seems, to me, to have the same kind of positive outlook on life that I do. It’s nice to see!

My Elegantly Cluttered Chamber

Then there is Rinth’s blog itself. She is a young lady from Bangladesh living in Sweden and I love that fact we get to discuss, debate, argue about different aspects of Bangladeshi life in various countries. I don’t get to her blog as often as I would like but we regularly comment on each other’s posts and I appreciate her contribution as well as her own unique outlook on life. We’re both ex-pats in many ways and I am always fascinated to learn of the very different perspectives of others. I’m always trying to discover something new or learn something I didn’t know before. Rinth helps me with that.


A lovely woman from Estonia and married to a Bangladeshi man. She has just left Bangladesh after living some time here and gone back to Estonia with her family. I really enjoy reading the blogs of others who, like me, have discovered both the joys and the challenges of living in Bangladesh. On top of that, she is a lovely lady and we’ve had many discussions in the last year which I have truly enjoyed. I look forward to more. As a married parent, I can sympathise with much that she writes about and it is also nice to talk with a fellow European who understands what Bangla life is like.


Well, that’s it.

If your blog didn’t get mentioned here it doesn’t mean that I don’t like it or appreciate your company. I just particularly wanted to give credit to these blogs and say thank you for their support and friendship. Maybe I’ll do this post again in a year or two and have a whole load of different blogs then. Who knows? We’ll wait and see…

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30 Responses to Awards and Blogs you should read

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  2. So true Ken, so true! πŸ™‚


  3. sarsm says:

    I’m never sure how to deal with the whole award thing either. I think you’ve written this article in a supportive and interesting way (also for the readers).

    I’ll check out some of the blogs you listed.


    • Oh I’m so glad you will – that was the idea! Thanks for the support – I certainly hoped that this post would be a little more ‘human’ and warm about the blogs I like the very much mostest in the world even though there are several more I love to read which I couldn’t squeeze in – including yours actually! Reading it last night just reminded me how much I enjoy your writings! πŸ™‚


      • sarsm says:

        Thank you but I wasn’t looking for complements. πŸ˜‰ I think it’s difficult with awards. You feel under obligation and that’s not how it should be.
        Since, though we’re dishing out compliments I’ll tell you again – you did a great job!!


        • I know you weren’t but I felt like saying it! Yes, that is the problem with them and why I’ve resisted until now. That said, the urge to tell fellow bloggers that they are doing a great job was just getting too much! Thanks for your compliments – that’s very kind of you πŸ™‚


  4. KEN!
    I have been late in catching up with my emails, so I haven’t seen this till today!
    I read this, and started laughing hard when I read the part at being accident-prone as this morning I had another accident (I blogged about it some time ago)!
    But everything you said was so wonderful, lovely and kind..
    I do enjoy life, and try to be smiley even if life is sucky! I’m more a glass half full kind of girl also..I always find half empty a bit prude!
    You are an amazing person, you have an amazing heart and your family are phenomenal!
    I always enjoy your posts and the fact you take the time out to read an comment on our posts and appreciate readers!
    Not everyone does that, and it’s lovely!
    You are amazing! I will continue to be a follower of, and read your blog!

    I hope you have a lovely day Ken!!


    • Thank you for you kind reply! I’m not sure about the whole ‘amazing’ bit but I do thank you for the kind thoughts and sentiment. Thank you also for you promise to continue to read the blog – that pleases me a great deal! πŸ™‚

      Take care (no really, DO take care!) and I look forward to our next conversation – on your blog OR mine! πŸ™‚


  5. Rinth says:

    I think you’re right; having to choose out X amount of blogs just like that is rather cheap. I wonder who creates these things lol.

    Thank you for sharing some words about my blog. I do enjoy our discussions and get insight on your point of view on things very much :).


    • Thank you Rinth and thank you too for the nomination in the first place. I think the heart of these awards is in the right place it is just as soon as you make something a rule it can often be a ‘rod to the back’ rather than the ‘carrot’ to urge us on as it intends to be! So I think our adaptations are perfectly valid to make each award unique to us! Just as you adapted yours. I look forward to our next discussion! Best wishes. Ken


  6. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Oh my gosh, Ken! I read this last night on my phone when I was getting ready to sleep and I was all, “Squeeeeeee!”, and wanted to respond then and there, but I knew that it would then be yet another three hours before I got to sleep.

    So, in any case, thank you so much! I guess Canvas really has become my primary focus lately (I looked and saw how many of my posts on my blog have been reblogs of late, which is okay, but. . .). I’m still enjoying playing around on my personal blog, which people can find on Canvas if they are so inclined, it isn’t difficult. But I feel like Canvas is a project we can actually make a difference with. And that is a most amazing feeling.

    You are so kind in the things you write about me, and I am very happy and proud to call you my friend. Though I do wonder about the “humour” bit. Does my writing contain “humour”? Because while that would be awesome, I haven’t noticed that it does!

    Again, thank you so much. And any awards you have accepted in the past without nominating, know that you made me happy and excited enough for 150 bloggers! So it’s all square. πŸ˜‰


    • Aww thank you Ruby! πŸ™‚ I’m glad to think I made you happy and excited enough for 150 bloggers!

      As for the humour…well I don’t mean you tell outrageous jokes, nor that I find you unintentionally funny or anything like that. I just see in your writings a gentle humour about life that I click with – especially when talking about music. In other words, I don’t come away from your blog posts feeling depressed, which other blogs could easily do when approaching the same subjects you do. Generally speaking, your wit and determinism shines through and it is always a privilege and a joy to ‘walk the walk’ with you.

      does that make sense? :S

      K x


      • Ruby Tuesday says:

        It does, Ken, and it actually makes me feel really good to know. I guess I never really think about it, but one of the lasts things in the world I would want is to depress anyone!

        And you know, after I got through the time when things were really bad for me, I realized I had to laugh at the absurd things in my life (and the world generally), or I would go mad again. And I had no interest in going mad again. πŸ™‚


  7. boomiebol says:

    Very nice of you to do this and that Le Clown guy sure gets around :). He is one of my favorites here.


    • He certainly does, doesn’t he?! Thanks for sharing boomiebol. I wanted to put your blog on here too but felt I had to keep the limit down (it was already getting pretty long!) But I DO recommend you blog too to anyone reading this comment! You area a lovely writer πŸ™‚


  8. verasilver says:

    This is a really nice and friendly post, applause to you, Ken!


  9. Oh, Ken! Thank you so much for such kind and supportive words!
    I’m very very grateful!
    Congrats on your awards! πŸ™‚
    [I know what you mean, I feel like that too! I’m still at that first stage but very appreciative!]
    Have a beautiful day!


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