Minipost 27 – Fear and Friendship

Recent events here in Bangladesh (which I can’t freely discuss) have reminded me just how fragile things can be. Troubles affecting certain countries worldwide in recent days have been making things difficult for foreigners here. We’re all a little bit more nervous when out and about to the extent that any visiting Dhaka we have advised not to go on any tours or go far away from where they are staying. When you have a family, living in such circumstances is a worry. We’re very thankful we live many miles away from most troubles and that LAMB is well protected with a good reputation. That’s the benefit of making relationships with others, I guess.

Out of it all, two thoughts have been strong in my mind:

1)      Troubles can find you anywhere…but so can peace. I still can’t believe that any of my family could have been within inches of a gunman gone crazy in our hometown of Whitehaven a few years ago. Even though out hometown was a sleepy little place and Bangladesh was considered much more volatile, we’ve found much more peace here than we ever experienced in the UK. There are trade-offs and I think it is good to be reminded that you never know what is going to happen tomorrow: So make the most of today.

2)      Friends can be found anywhere. I’m proud of the range of people who choose to read my blog and support it and that many of you join me on Facebook too. We come from such a variety of circumstances and cultures that, for a life-long learner like me, it is a pleasure to mingle and experience such different thoughts to our own. I am so blessed with the many Bangladeshi friends I have made both here in the country itself and across the world. I am so blessed many other friends who support us through the good and the bad. If you regularly read this blog, or you’re a friend on Facebook, get our newsletter or otherwise keep in touch with us, then you have my gratitude.

I’ll leave you with a quote I came across on Facebook today that sums up the real problems facing both the West and Bangladesh at the moment:

“People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.”

I think there is good argument to suggest most of the troubles worldwide are because we forget this. It is certainly true in certain parts of Bangladesh at the moment.

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12 Responses to Minipost 27 – Fear and Friendship

  1. That’s a very true quote and it’s also a very sad one.
    People are forgetting what’s important and things are taking over..
    I hope you and your family are okay 🙂


  2. Sandie says:

    we are grateful to have you as a friend too!!


  3. oddznns says:

    Anything can happen anyway. A place that seems familiar and safe may indeed fall apart in an instant, and there can be peace in a war zone. It’s the peace and love we carry in our hearts and share that’s the most important thing. If a grenade should come through the window in 30 seconds, the most important thing won’t be the number of novels we wrote, the dollars in our bank. It will be how well we’ve loved, and been loved. Thanks for this post Ken.


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