October News Blues « somkritya

Some blogs I read because they are about Bangladesh. Some I read because they are about Education. Others are about Writing or ADHD and a few more are science related, funny or – best of all worlds – both.

But a very few blogs I read because of the authors. Somkritya is one such blog writer. She’s simply a very lovely woman with a gentle heart and tender sense of humour. This post of hers caught my attention this week:

October News Blues « somkritya.

I don’t normally do Halloween stuff (you’ll notice her blogsite is all nicely spruced up with Halloween-related things) but this one I just couldn’t resist! Soma admits to loving horrors and thrillers and I rather like a few of those myself (the good ones, not the gore-fest ones) and who can resist a good zombie?! Even children (thanks to Scooby-Doo) love a zombie or two. This post gives a humorous turn on the whole apocolpytic scenario.

Soma doesn’t just do cheeky horror posts. She writes on ALL sorts of stuff. Here’s another of her posts:


It is just STRANGE! Very funny but so off the wall it is in another room! She is one of the few writers on the blog-o-sphere that entertain me whatever she writes. It’s gentle stuff, very readable and gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling of happiness inside when I read her blogs. For the poets amongst you, she also writes poetry.

Something for everyone here – highly recommended. 🙂

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9 Responses to October News Blues « somkritya

  1. Thank you so much Ken that was such a lovely Intro..
    hugs 🙂


  2. boomiebol says:

    I love Soma…in my opinion she is the Dr Seuss of our time lol. Good stuff


  3. oddznns says:

    She is funny. Is she on the Asperger’s spectrum? I can relate, so I think she must be. Thanks so much for the introduction.


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