Revenge Love – A Father’s view

“I’ve always had a good relationship with my Dad. He’s awesome. He makes me laugh. I’ve always been able to share things with him.”

Open..wide…here comes the brum brummmm…there you go. Well done, Daddy! Next mouthful…

So my daughter’s latest post – Revenge Love –  begins after a brief explanation of the title (you’ll have to read the post to find out what it means). Yes, she’s chosen to write a post all about ME. Aww….how sweet.

Well, it would be, except that Amory has decided to bare all and given away a few embarrassments alongside. As if I don’t embarrass myself enough as it is already!

Anyway, for better or for worse she has written not so much a tribute as a…critique of what it is to have me as a dad.  She talks about our mutual loves of music and writing as well as what it is like to have your dad being your science teacher. All things considered, I could have come out worse.

And good for her, I say.

I had nothing to do with the posting of this blog, the job of giving one or two proof-reading hints was given to wifey and I was well and truly banned from Thing I’s room so I would not spy anything until it was published. As you might imagine, that drove me nuts. I didn’t know what to expect or even what it was going to be other than I was going to feature in some significant way. I thought it might be a piece on our family or something. But no, it was centred on me. Gulp.

I won’t mention what kind of devious tricks I pulled to try and read the post before it was published but I came close to succeeding a few times. However, Thing I is just getting too big and too strong now to fight hand-to-hand, so she won. Personally, I thought the window thing, to which she refers, was a good idea. Not my fault that I had forgotten both glass panes slide. Well, maybe it was.

I can promise you that this little father-daughter love-in that is happening between our two blogs will end soon. Normal service on kenthinksaloud will be resumed soon and justanotherthirdculturekid will only get the odd mention – in case this is all getting a little too much for some of you. 😛

That said, I enjoy re-blogging good posts I read during the week, more or less once a week and how could I miss the opportunity to re-blog a post all about little old me? Sadly, it is probably the only time I am ever likely to be the subject of a post. Unless I persuade Thing II and/or wifey to start blogging too.

Perhaps not. They would be much more brutal

To read my ‘lovely-possibly-soon-to-be-executed’ daughter’s post, click the link below:

Revenge Love « justathirdculturekid.

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8 Responses to Revenge Love – A Father’s view

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  2. Coming East says:

    Just read Amory’s blog about you. I have just one thing to say to you: Be very good and don’t let your guard down.


  3. jacqui says:

    Not read amory’s post yet but already I can tell you have a fabulous relationship with her……and good for you for letting her…… and more importantly encouraging her to our her own thoughts in writing. Very brave. Well time to read her critique…….;-)


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