Writing like Dan Brown and Douglas Adams

I had some fun last week when, through another blogger, I discovered yet another writing website. I’m beginning to feel like I’m collecting these sites – often packed with lots of helpful information – and spend more time reading about writing than actually doing  any.

However, this site was a bit different and lots of fun. Here’s the link:

I write Like

This website has a fun function where you can put in a selection of your own writing and it will analyse it according to word content and use of grammar etc to tell you whose writing style you are most like. Here’s what it looks like:

I Write Like

Well I couldn’t resist! Such a fun gadget just appealed to my analytical (my wifey  might say anal) mind and I had to put in a few extracts from blog posts, articles and stories to see what came up!

My stories came up with this:

Cory Doctorow

Deutsch: Cory Doctorow

This worried me because I have no idea who Cory Doctorow is! If you know his stuff and can recommend a good book to start with then do let me know. Then I will know if this website has just told me my writing is brilliant or if it sucks.




My post on Don’t trust doctors elicited this result:

Dan Brown

Not read any of his stuff either (though wifey has) but at least I have heard of this guy and would love to think my little dribbles could one day result in a book that goes global like his has. It’s nice to think it anyway. Not holding my breath though.



My recent Ghost stories got the best result, for my mind, though:

Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams

The Answer to life: Douglas Adams (Photo credit: icarusjj)

Oh yes! This is an author I don’t just know and admire; I grew up on his stuff and loved his humour as well as his quirky imagination. I remember Adam’s death and mourned him with millions of other hitch-hikers who always knew where their towels were. This is a writer I can be proud to have my work associated with. Even if it is just by a code-generated program. In lieu of a publisher telling me “you’re the next Douglas Adams” I’ll take what I can get.

Just in case you were wondering – this isn’t a random generating thing. I put the same posts in over a couple of days and got the same results. I tried similar posts in the different genres and got the same – or nearly the same – names each time.

I write Like is not going to predict your future for you – but it is an interesting bit of fun! Let me know if you have a go and tell me who you are. I would love to meet another Cory…

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16 Responses to Writing like Dan Brown and Douglas Adams

  1. Nicola says:

    Reblogged this on learn4kicks.


  2. Nicola says:

    Brilliant re Douglas Adams 🙂


  3. shail says:

    Very interesting ken. i am off to check my writing. Will come back and report.
    Btw, Douglas Adams is a writer I love too. 🙂 And I have read all of Dan Brown books.


    • shail says:

      I got varied results for my stories, Ken 🙂 Stephen King (OMG!!) Oscar Wilde (OMG!!) J.D. Salinger, Arthur Clarke, Stephenie Meyer. Hmmm… But the author that turned up three times is Chuck Palahniuk. So what do you think of that?!!
      That was fun! Thanks to you 🙂


    • What do you think of Dan Brown? You must like his style if you’ve read everything! I think I have just about read everything of Adams!


  4. Summer says:


    I’ve a christmas card for you! : ) You can pick it up here http://summer4soul.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/1022/
    Have a nice day

    Sweet greetings, Summer


  5. Ladygardenia says:

    I got Kurt Vonnegut.. know anything about him ?? 😀


  6. Rinth says:

    OMG I got Cory Doctorow too! On my Oasis post :-O. Who IS this dude anyway??


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