Acid Survivors Foundation

Over the next few days I hope to put up posts about a few charity organisations which have either touched me recently with their work or involve people I know – or both! Like this one.

Acid Survivors Foundation

In the last ten years well over 2,000 Bangladeshis have been attacked and horribly disfigured by having acid thrown at them. More than 70% of them are women and girls. The vast majority of attacks happen to girls and women under 35.

The message is clear: If we don’t get our way, you will lose your looks, your attractiveness, your status.

In 2010, despite 120 incidents of acid attacks, only 7 people in Bangladesh were convicted for the crimes. These are all only the reported cases. It is thought that there is an acid attack every two days. Certainly, every week in the newspaper I read of at least one more woman, girl or even – horrifically and I remember the picture well – baby having acid poured on their faces and bodies leaving them in the most terrible pain and disfigured for life.

The reasons are complex though often it is over money issues – specifically where parents of the bride are still paying the dowry and the groom’s parents have become impatient. Eventually their threats become real.

Please do check out the site – which also has a Facebook site here – and share amongst friends and bloggers on your various social media sites. This isn’t about asking you to give money – not something that is a good idea to ask for during the Christmas month! – but about raising awareness that this goes on all over the world actually but especially in Indian sub-continent countries like Bangladesh.

I would be interested in hearing from my Indian and Pakistani friends to know how much this goes on in your own countries too and anyone else who may have been touched by this. If you have websites to similar organisations you want to share then please add links in the comments. The blog is read worldwide these days so it may well be that someone from where you live is also reading so feel free to add!

The ASF family

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2 Responses to Acid Survivors Foundation

  1. raaina says:

    Thank you Ken for writing this post to create awareness of this horrific act. It’s terrible to think that this still happens around the world. By creating awareness, the victims will have more confidence to speak out and report the crimes and the perpetrator(s)brought to justice.


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