A Year of Possibilities – Our Last Year in Bangladesh

This is being written in something of a rush so I apologise for the lacking of proof-reading. Nevertheless, I wanted to get a post in before we left the UK. The bags are packed, we’re just going to eat some lunch and then we’ll be off by taxi then bus and then finally by plane to get out of the UK.

It would appear we’re going to beat the snow by a cat’s whisker. It has already turned up in Cumbria, the northwest of England where we stayed with wifey’s parents up until a few days ago when we descended to Gloucester to stay with good friends. Hopefully it won’t climb down the country before we make it to Heathrow and escape the good old British Winter!

It’s been a good few weeks here and we all feel refreshed as a family and ready to face, what it likely to be, our most challenging and emotionally difficult year.

2013 will be our last year in Bangladesh – at least for the foreseeable future. Every month will be a month of ‘the last time we do this’ for the various festivals and celebrations that take place. As we get closer to December there will be much worrying and panicking about how we get things home.

At the same time I hope it will be a year of growth and development – as much as anything because we will all be taking on very different roles when we return to the UK. One the main tasks this year will be to build up my commercial writing work so I can devote time to writing full-time in 2014. I’ll also have a dissertation to complete for my Masters at that point.

At LAMB school I will need to finish off my work there and hand over all my teaching to others and wifey will need to hand over the running of the Rehab centre too. Both things will be very difficult to do not just because of finding the right people to take on the work but because it will be emotionally very hard to let go. This year will see a lot of letting go.

The big spur for us at the moment is the crazy idea we have that we won’t fly back to the UK on the 31st December (when our visas run out) but will ship our stuff back and go by land with just rucksacks on our backs. We’re thinking maybe going up to Nepal, through China and eventually end up in Russia before coming down through Europe and slip back into the UK via France and the ‘chunnel’. We have no idea if this is going to be possible or even just financially not viable.

If you have any ideas, please let us know. We will need friends and contacts in numerous countries to help get us to and fro railway stations and the like as well as giving us floors to sleep on. If we can build up the contacts we need then this mad plan might just work. I’ll keep you posted.

Right, time to go. Bangladesh 2013, here we come…

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25 Responses to A Year of Possibilities – Our Last Year in Bangladesh

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  2. What a great idea Ken! I hope you can do it! If you’re going through Central Russia (Ural mountains part), I do have contacts there that will be able to help 🙂


  3. Coming East says:

    Savor each precious moment and take tons of pictures, Ken. And remember that as this door closes at the end of the year, you never know what other doors might open. Be prepared to be amazed!


    • It’s very easy to amaze me so that won’t be hard (I’m a simple soul at heart!). We are very excited about hte future whilst at the same time nervous about what comes next. Thanks for commenting!


  4. wanderfool says:

    Will be an amazing year i am sure. Good luck on this journey as you do all those wonderful things “one last time”… And hey, I feel so excited for you regarding your return journey! Why isn’t India on the cards?


    • It might be! The only reason why not is because we’re so high up in Bangladesh that if we choose the Nepal route there isn’t much of India left without detouring considerably! We’ll have to see. Darjeeling is definitely on the cards at least!


  5. Ann Coughlan says:

    Hello Ken, I’m not sure how I arrived on your site, but I stayed for a while when I realised you were in Bangladesh, and there too when I lived in Dhaka during 2009-2010! I never got quite as far north to your area. If I had seen your blog then perhaps I would have visited! (I didn’t have daily access to the Internet.) I wrote a ‘blog’ too about my time in Bangladesh but I only recently made it public. (http://annmariacoughlan.wordpress.com). I will follow your final year with interest. Best wishes, Ann (Ireland)


  6. khujeci says:

    I have added several comments to the thread where you posted. Please do add your additional thoughts.



  7. It’s been amazing to read about your life on here, and I find it comforting that new adventures are soon to be shared with us. I wish you all the best for 2013 and I wish you all the best in finding your way back from half way around the world – Good luck.


  8. Rinth says:

    Wow… your blog has for me always been about “the British teacher in Bangladesh”… it’s going to be very exciting following you onthis new journey as you spend your last year there and then become “the British writer” instead ^_^.


    • Indeed Rinth that change of role will be a difficult one to get used to. I don’t think the ‘Bangladesh’ part will ever be leaving though. The country, the culture and the people are too firmly ingrained in my heart. I just have to work out how I can get BACK to Bangladesh a lot when we leave!


      • Rinth says:

        Yeah that of course. How long will it have been for you and your family over there at the end of this year?


        • We arrived in Bangladesh in October 2008 so it will be just over 5 years (though we had 6 months home leave in 2011). We had been visiting for a month at a time for three years prior to that though so our ‘love affair’ with Bangladesh has been going on for 8 years! That won’t be something we can easily let go of 😦


  9. Anonymous says:

    Gonna be an emotional year for you and your family, but I’m sure it will all be worthwhile. xxx


  10. …sounds very much like a bitter-sweet year huh?!
    Savor every moment!!!!


  11. Wow Ken..this is going to be an amazing year for you!
    I wish you the best of luck and am looking forward to hearing all about it!
    I hope you have a safe flight back to Bangladesh! 🙂


  12. Audrey Chin says:

    Ken, you must go to India and then to China before you leave Asia. Russia may be easier for you out of Europe. My cousin actually took the overland train through Russia, but I’d say that’s scary.


    • Audrey, I LOVE India and get over there as often as I can! China and Russia are two countries I would love to visit so it would be rather special if I could get to visit them. We’ll have to see…


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