Return to Another World – Picnics in Bangladesh

Last year I wrote about going on the annual LAMB picnic when we went to Anondonogor. We’ve just been on this year’s outing – our last ever – and it was fitting that we went back to where our first picnic too place – Bhinno Jogot or ‘Another World’.

We first went there in 2010. Thing I was 9 and Thing II was almost 7. Here’s what they looked like back then:

On the bus in 2010

On the bus in 2010

And this is what they looked like this year:

bigger and more serious now - sometimes...

bigger and more serious now – sometimes…

Thing I  might not look that different to you but if I show you this picture from the trip in 2010 where you can see her friend (whose nickname is Bubs):

12022010_108and compare with this one from this year:

???????????????????????????????You can see Bubs has really grown! Not sure about Thing I though…

Anyway, Bhinno Jogot hadn’t changed at all. It was exactly the same with the same run-down rides, willful disregard for health and safety and annoying crowds of Bangladeshis who constantly want a photo of you because you’re white. At least Bhinno Jogot  was actually built though, unlike Anondo Nogor last year.

What makes it fun is the company. LAMB is a huge community of people and it is nice just to hang out with each other and share a meal, regardless of the quality of the park itself. I enjoyed spending time with Thing I’s  friends like Bubs and also our own friends like Rinku, a doctor here at LAMB.

I’m sad this is the past picnic I’ll be attending. despite the constant request for photos, we’ve always had a fun time at the picnics. This year the trip was amazingly well organised and everything ran on time – almost unheard of in bangladesh!

Below is a selection of pictures from the day. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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14 Responses to Return to Another World – Picnics in Bangladesh

  1. Ladygardenia says:

    Oh, I miss Bangladesh 🙂


  2. jacqui says:

    Loved the photos……always sad when it’s the last one…..but maybe this time next year you’ll be creating some new firsts 🙂


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  4. Bindu says:

    Cool pics. Nice to look at the pics of children and see how they have changed.


  5. Tracy B says:

    Great pics – I love the whole slideshow thing in a blog! I think Thing II has aged more dramatically in the three years than either of the girls! Happysad occasion then another ‘last’ – think it make us drain the dregs out of life when we know that though, not taking anything for granted. x


  6. Muna says:

    It seems you really had alot of fun! Great! Hope you had fun in the 3D part!


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