Update on the Bangladesh unrest

After yesterday’s post I thought I would share two links to Bangladesh’s Daily Star website.

The first is an article detailing the first announcement I have heard from the Khaleda Zia, the leader of the BNP party which is the main opposition party to the current ruling Awami League. Zia’s party has continuously boycotted parliament for four years and over this last year have ordered hartal after hartal. Despite Jamaat being one of their strongest supporters, they’ve been surprisingly quiet in recent days and shown no interest in supporting the Jamaat since the Shahbhag movement began.

With this press release, Zia has changed all this and surely put her foot in it by referring to the recent deaths in skirmishes between violent protesters and the Police as nothing short of genocide. The comparison to the atrocities of 1971 is obvious, ironic – considering her party’s dubious involvement – and frankly absurd. I fail to understand what could have persuaded Zia to state this. I can only believe she wants to alienate herself further from the country.

Anyway, I’ll let you make your own mind up – here is the link:

Khaleda calls it ‘genocide

Regardless of Zia’s possible faux pas, things got nasty today as Jamaat and BNP continue to put pressure on the Government to stop the War crimes trials and release their members who have been arrested and are now being tried. The fact that these people seem to be well-known as rajakars, collaborators guilty of some awful crimes, appears to be irrelevant. It is truly very difficult to remain neutral when you face all this. What do you think after reading this?

BNP men rampage through capital

The BNP have now called their own hartals meaning that we have continuous national strikes from now until next Thursday. I would be amazed if more don’t follow on after that.

On the plus side, wifey got to Dhaka safely and picked up her two friends from the airport. Now we just have to get them back to LAMB safe and sound tomorrow…

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10 Responses to Update on the Bangladesh unrest

  1. Muna says:

    Those people are insane.. They just lack common sence… I am glad that you think that way 🙂


    • Ah the problem is though Muna – what is common sense? It is very difficult to pin that down. I think that is often where it all goes wrong. Glad you think I’m thinking something right though! That’s always good to know 🙂


  2. Lunch Sketch says:

    Reminds me I am very spoilt living in my quiet little part of the Commonwealth. Take care.


  3. renxkyoko says:

    Stay safe. In places like this, and with the mood of the country , you really have to make yourself scarce, and less noticeable, being white and all that. They can just turn around and again blame Western ” intrusion into their culture and religion.


    • I think on the whole, the people of Bangladesh are very welcoming and gentle to us ‘white’ foreigners. But yes, when trouble is brewing and emotions get hot it is all too easy to lash out at anyone who seems ‘different’. We’re keeping a pretty low profile while at the same time trying to get on with the reason we’re here – to do a job!


  4. I wish them safe return, Ken!!!


    • thanks Marina – they are on their way back now as I write. Worryingly, a train was torched by the Jamaat last night so I am hoping their train does not run into any problems. Normally they don’t get bothered… :-/


  5. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Thank you for the updates. Keep yourselves safe.


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