The Dirty Truth About Your Bath

After a series of more sober and serious post about the continuing troubles in Bangladesh (which are far from over yet) I felt it was time for some light relief and who better to do it than Miss PFPT herself who writes arguably the funniest blog on the blog-o-sphere. 

It might just be me, of course, but I tend to find her posts hit the nail on the head and this one about the issues of taking a bath is one mighty fine example. Give it a shot if you’ve not visited her site before and enjoy 5 minutes of a good laugh and shouting out loud “that’s SO true…”

The Dirty Truth About Your Bath | Pretty Feet, Pop Toe.


About D K Powell

British freelance journalist, author, writer, editor, musician, educational consultant. I lived with Wifey, Thing I (daughter) & Thing II (son) in Bangladesh for 5-6 years working for an NGO called LAMB. Wifey led the Hospital Rehab department and I used to teach O levels at the school before going full-time as a freelance writer in 2013. Now we're back in the UK learning how to be British again. When not writing or editing, I'm busy trying to complete a Masters degree in Intercultural relations in Asian Contexts and reading way too many books at once. I also drink tea - lots of it.
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2 Responses to The Dirty Truth About Your Bath

  1. I am a lil worried that I might start to not want to have a bath after this 😉


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