Humour: Relationships nowadays

I had to share my new favourite site with you all today – putting off a more difficult post I’ve been writing, deleting and re-writing all week. Maybe I’ll get that one out tomorrow…

However, today, I feel in the mood for humour; something funny to chill out to. So I was overjoyed when my daughter Thing I, showed me this joke on english jokes



I’m so glad she did. I’m looking forward to more of this site. If you go there though, beware, some jokes are cleaner than others – though I didn’t see anything truly offensive. Apologies if there is. The problem with humour is that one person’s hilarity is the next person’s shame.

Nevertheless, the world would be a pretty horrible place if we couldn’t find moments of laughter so I’d rather err in this direction than never crack a smile at all.

Although the whole joke site looks much fun, I chose this picture – the one my darling daughter showed me to reproduce here. It is so me and certainly the kind of world I live in. Especially now that I’ve finally joined Twitter, as I told you all about recently.

By the way, on a related note (in that you can all have a laugh at my expense) almost all of those lovely ladies I told you had starting following me promptly all unfollowed me over the next few days after the post. Perhaps I should have kept my mouth shut? Alas now I am just an ordinary pleb in the Twitter world and no longer possess a fan-base of ‘Twitterettes’. I guess it’s all for the best. Long distance relationships never work out.

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8 Responses to Humour: Relationships nowadays

  1. Communication for you! Brilliant joke and great idea to share, Ken! [and Thing I!]


  2. I use to have a Funny Friday post every week – where I shared minimum of 5 jokes that I had heard that week and encouraged my readers to share theirs – not sure why I haven’t kept up with that as it was a good ending to a busy week for most of us.

    As for the twitter and people unfollowing you – you may realise, like I did, the trend of some people who only really focus on having a big following. What they do, or the trend is, to follow you so that you follow them back and a few days later they suddenly unfollow you – there isn’t a way of knowing who has followed you or unfollowed you. You will find people of different intentions on twitter – like any place, most people are geniune and echo their thoughts in minor tweets but some people trying tweeting to expand the list of their followers – not sure if that is a bad thing but people do happen to use some cunning tactics.


    • Sheesh that would be a big commitment for me! I often find lots of things that I think are funny but to commit to five would be a problem! Sometimes, not much funny happens…

      As for Twitter, well the verdict is still out for whether it is any benefit for me as a writer yet. I think it is and think it will be increasingly but I’ve yet to be convinced. I’m afraid that marketing and being ‘clever with social media’ is not really my thing. I guess this guarantees I’ll never be anything other than a poor jobbing writer! But at least I’ll be happy 🙂


  3. Audrey Chin says:

    Cute. What would we do without our gadgets. Do you remember standing in British rain and wondering why your friend wasn’t showing up? Now all we do is txt “r u coming?”.


    • Yes, indeed. And I have to confess that after my daughter showed me the joke I couldn’t find it on my laptop so I talked to her on Facebook to ask her for the link – she was in the room next door!! This is our world…


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