The Last Day

I am writing this late at night, the whole family have gone to bed. It is impossibly hot (as Bangladesh is prone to be at this time of the year) and we’ve given in to the air-con in our bedroom to survive.

It’s a busy time – somehow or other I ended up in charge of a youth group and this coming weekend is the annual seminar weekend. Would be great except I have never attended one before at LAMB and I have little idea how they are supposed to run! Yet I’m supposed to make sure it all comes together. I can honestly say I’ll be glad to hand it over to someone else later in the year. I love the kids but I was far from the best choice to be in charge.

But that’s not on my mind right now, despite all the organising stress it is taking.

Tomorrow is the last day of the year for LAMB school and my final morning of teaching. I get a couple of lessons with my grade 7 & 8 Science class and then…the end.

I won’t be doing any work, of course. It will be messing around watching silly videos and pictures of daft things I’ve collected over the years. Very possibly we’ll watch some Fawlty Towers I discovered years ago that this particular comedy series span cultures. It’s hilarious in any country it would seem despite being rather British. Whatever, the aim will be to leave ’em laughing and with fond memories.

The lessons will go by quickly, I know it. My desk is already cleared of my personal belongings – just the text books and old exam papers I know longer need sit on it waiting to be picked up by the next person. I will walk out of that classroom and have a quick cup of cha during the tea break and – then I’m done.

There won’t be time to take it all in right then – perhaps that’s why I’m doing it now, in advance as it were? I already have another meeting to go to straight after break and I have two MA essays on the go for when I get back.

The day after tomorrow Thing I and I begin our preparations for JulNoWriMo and Thing II (who’s not known for his love of writing) is intending to join us and try to get 50,000 words out too. He’s still young and I don’t have any expectations of him yet, but hopefully he’ll enjoy the attempt for a few days until he gets bored. That said, kids have always surprised me and my two are no exception. I expected Thing I to give up part-way through last year too but she didn’t. Instead, she got far more than 50,000 words written and they were good too. I’ve promised that this July I’ll help her tidy it up enough that I can send a proposal to a publisher – it’s a pretty good novel, I have to say. If you follow her blog justathirdculturekid then you’ll know she has a good writing style.

So who know? Maybe Thing II will keep going and produce something amazing too? Maybe – but if he does it is likely to be highly…imaginative. ADHD is strong in that one…

Right now though, I have no idea if I will come home tomorrow morning after teaching (and after that meeting) and sit down with another cup of cha and a sigh or relief or regret. It could be either; it might be both. The end has not been easy and there have been some upsets along the way in recent days.

But I am certain of one thing and one thing only:

It’s time to move on.

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19 Responses to The Last Day

  1. Malou says:

    Wishing you all the best in the next adventure, Ken. Btw, Fawlty Towers is something that my husband and I can watch over and over again yet never tire of it. 😉


  2. Norah says:

    I always find the end-posts sad… I have a problem with endings :?.

    When are you leaving Bangladesh?


    • Not til the every end of December – like on New Year’s Eve or something like that!


      • Norah says:

        Oh then you’ve got plenty of time left! What are your plans? Are you going to explore any more of Bangladesh? Head south maybe?


        • Well I go to Rangamati next month for a wedding which I’m looking forward to. I would love to do Barisal and Cox’s Bazaar or even St Martin’s Island but I don’t know anyone living there yet so haven’t figured out how to get myself invited to go! Otherwise, there’s tons of packing and preparations to do plus writing and drinking lots of cha with friends we won’t be seeing for a while…


          • Norah says:

            Staying at hotels is not an option?


            • Well…yes…but I don’t have much money 😦
              The bigger thing is that while I’ll happily go off to see people I’ve never met before but am friends with (just like with this wedding actually!) I’m very shy about the idea of going places I’ve never been to before when I don’t know anyone! My Bangla is only good when I’m with people I’m used to talking with. Otherwise, I’m always too terrified to use it well!


  3. What’s next for you Ken?


    • It’s freelance writing all the way Yulia – my YA novel comes out in October and I have several other projects on the go. Lots of writing for magazines and anything anyone wants me to do really! 🙂


  4. Tracy B says:

    Thinking of you as this era comes to an end …. 🙂 x


  5. Ann says:

    I think you will always be a teacher…


  6. If it’s any consolation, it’s hot here too [isn’t huh?!]. I wish you all the best, Ken and every day a step up from yesterday [make sense?]. I mean I wish you changes towards better days – always!
    Fawlty Towers is a great companion btw!!! It’s been some time and I’ve missed it!
    [on the other hand, we’ve treated ourselves with the complete Blackadder series!]


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