JulNoWriMo – Almost a Family Thing

So, school has finally finished and Things I & II can forget all about it for a few weeks. I, however, get to forget about it much longer. Time to relax? I wish!

There’s no rest for the wicked as they say and you don’t get much more wicked than a writer. JulNoWriMo is coming and this year it would seem we’ve gone completely crazy! Only Wifey is remaining at all sane while the two Things and I all try to write our own 50,000 word novels in just 31 days. I’ll get her next year, I’m sure…

I’ve detailed in a previous post how my young daughter and I are going to try to write a novel together but we’re also going to try do our own separate novels too. The bigger challenge is my young 10-year-old son – who has the ADHD concentration span of a gnat, remember – trying to write his own too.

Now, I doubt he’ll make the 50,000 mark – but I’ve been wrong before. Thing I amazed me last year when she reached it with relative ease. My son is no great aspiring writer. His mind flits too easily and he gets bored fast. That said, his imagination is way, way up there and if I can get any sense of order into him, some of his ideas might just make it into something others might want to read.

I sympathise with his ADHD which is why I like systems which break things down into small, manageable chunks. I’m hoping this will help him stay on top of the book-writing idea (which was his idea to join in with, by the way). My aim isn’t to squeeze stuff out of him that isn’t in there, but to make him feel part of the fun his sister and I have each day with writing together and give him a little structured push so he can find it easier to express himself on (electronic) paper.

Even if he manages just five days and writes a few thousand words, he’ll have still written more than he’s ever managed before. There’s no pressure on him – but he wants to do this and I tend to think “why not?!” – that’s my ADHD kicking in!

So, this week is ‘Book Writing Preparation Week’. Over the next few days we have agreed to spend two hours together every morning and thrash out our book-writing theories, synopses, plot outlines and so on so that when the first of the month comes around we’re read to write, write, write every day.

We began today and made a good start.

We got our two-sentence synopses written and mapped out some of our chapters. Tomorrow we need to continue filling those in and then do some development work on our characters. So far, Thing II is still with us and getting the idea (albeit that there was the danger for a moment that the whole start, middle and end was only going to take about five chapters). He’s not given up after Prequel Day One and I’m not ready to kill him. Yet.

All in all – an encouraging start!

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12 Responses to JulNoWriMo – Almost a Family Thing

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  2. Good luck or Break a leg to the trio! [you may pick either one, depending on how superstitious you are!]! All the best!


  3. renxkyoko says:

    Good luck to the three of you ! ! ! As they say, 3 heads is better than one. cheers !


  4. Norah says:

    This year I’m also feeling inspired to give JulNoWriMo a shot… although I’m not sure I’ll reach the 50 000 word goal as Ramadan is coming and all… but I’ll still give it a shot. If nothing else, then I’ll at least have the beginning of something which I can finish when I have more time!

    Best of luck to all of you and I hope I get to read that father-daughter novel someday!


    • I think you should do it Norah! I hope you’ve registered – give it a go. There’s no punishment if you don’t manage (and most who sign up for it don’t succeed actually) – it just means you get to try again next time!


      • Norah says:

        Yeah, I did register. And you’re right… I mean one can write a novel anytime but I think if one wants to start, July or November is the month as so many others will be writing… when it’s a thing that other people do at the same time, it kinda motivates you.


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