Well that didn’t work out so well! Or did it?

So, this year, JulNoWriMo didn’t go so well. Neither Thing I nor myself managed any of the books we intended. My daughter did best of all, getting very close to the target of 50,000. My son, Thing II, managed his own personal best of several thousand words (and epic venture for my ten-year-old who normally prefers to thrash his guitar or hang upside down from trees than read a book – let alone write one!).

I failed miserably.

I blame the MA essays I had to get done. I’ve  handed two in and I have a third that is now urgent to start  finish writing. Then it is just my dissertation to write (and I have until this time next year to sort all that out) and the course will finally be finished.

But, even though I failed to get even to 20,000 words there are still silver-linings.

do have a complete plot synopsis for all the chapters, character profiles and beginnings to all the chapters too (although it has suddenly dawned on me I don’t have a title for it yet! ‘Love and Honour’ is a working title but I’m not happy with it).

do  have a lot of research completed for the book my daughter and I wanted to write together plus a good amount of the plot synopsis written up.

Both of these things are good achievements and I can continue to work on both books over the coming months. What’s important is that the manuscripts don’t metaphorically ‘go in the drawer’.

As long as that doesn’t happen, July will not have been a waste.

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