Special post – Bangladesh: An Inspirational Journey

Bangladesh: An Inspirational Journey

By Helen Bintley As the plane came to an unceremonious stop I readied myself for a new challenge. This was the first time that I had worked as an obstetrician and gynaecologist outside of the UK. Having only worked with in the British NHS I was suddenly aware that the patients and the system would be very different. Would I be good enough? Would I cope with the hours, the number of patients, the range of diseases? There was only one way to find out … I stood up and disembarked. Leaving the airport my senses were overcome by the heat, humidity, colours and the sheer volume of human beings all huddled outside the building selling everything from blankets to chicken curry. We made our way to the LAMB office in Dhaka and following an evening of introductions and home-cooked food we journeyed up to LAMB hospital by train. We were in the first class coach, which was distinguishable only by its sealed windows and air conditioning. Compared with my experiences of European trains, this was a cold, darkened chamber with dilapidated seating, except for one small window through which I peered for most of the journey. Sepulchral as it may have been, I discovered that my carriage was a blessing: I was spared the searing heat of the day, and as others on the train, from hawking goods to feed my family. Pushing my way through third class, a giant of a woman at five foot six, at least in comparison with the Bangladeshis, someone shoved a man out of my way so that I could use the facilities. This was an abrupt reminder of my European privilege, and the immense gap between the rich and poor both in Bangladesh, and between the first and third world.

via LAMB Healthcare Foundation – Bangladesh: An Inspirational Journey. Please take the time to read this post by Helen which sums up pretty much what most of us experienced when we first came to Bangladesh and visited LAMB and what most of us living and working at LAMB still feel about it now. The link also sends you to the LAMB official website which is worth a good look around.

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  2. archecotech says:

    Thanks for the pingback. Ken are you interested in doing a guest post?


    • No problem and, yes, I am interested. I’m weighed down with writing deadlines at the moment which is why I haven’t had the chance to reply but I’ll give it some thought and we can chat about the next steps – I’d love to contribute a post though! 🙂


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