30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 0


So, this is it. We’re really leaving.

On the 27th December, after celebrating Boro din or Christmas Day at LAMB, my family and I will pack up what I hope will be our few remaining things and head off to Dhaka to fly back to a chilly England.

On that day we will be in transit and there is no guarantee I’ll get on to the internet at all, let alone long enough to write anything on this blog. Effectively – blogwise – I will ‘go dark’ until we are back in the UK and into a new year.

So I thought it would be nice to keep a short, snappy journal of my thoughts each day as we get closer to leaving as well as  tell you the events as they happen and maybe slotting in a few photos along the way too. I won’t have time to write my more usual long posts (and as you’ll be coming here daily for a while, you’ll be glad to hear that) and with the internet being as wonky as it is here, you might find the occasional ‘two-posts-on-one-day’ occurring too. BUT, if all goes to plan, this will be a nice way to see out our final days with LAMB and Bangladesh. 30 days – beginning tomorrow – of the family Ford-Powell packing up and saying goodbye.

I hadn’t thought of doing this until the weekend just gone. My family and I were supported in our charity work here by an organisation (similar to the VSO) which sends skilled professionals out to where they are needed. Several bideshis, foreigners, work for the same group so we have conferences twice a year where we can get together and enjoy time relaxing, learning and having fun together. We love these times and the one just gone was a our last.

As such, it was our biday, or farewell, and our good friends were there to give us a good send-off along with another member of the team who is retiring after many years at LAMB doing fantastic work in the gynaecology department in the hospital. Below is a selection of pictures giving a flavour of events.

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While this all took place with foreigners, from now on it’s all about Bangladesh and our Bangladeshi friends. I have no idea what I’m going to write. But I suspect this is going to get raw.

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16 Responses to 30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 0

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  9. Heather says:

    Enjoy your 30 days! Will you keep blogging when you return to the UK? Hope so, I like to read them.


    • Thanks Heather – absolutely I’ll keep on blogging! My specialism as a writer is with Bangladesh and I will continue to keep up with my Bangla friends and the politics in the country. If anything, I’ll have more freedom to write than I do now. Some of the format might change – I’ve yet to think about quite how, but the blog will certainly continue 🙂


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  12. Must be the hardest 30 days these… cherish and treasure each one, my friend. 🙂


  13. A. I. Sajib says:

    Must be excited? When would be the next time you come to Bangladesh? Or is it never, unless you plan to?


    • Excited, but also nervous. We’re hoping to visit often – at least once a year but if we can get set up well in the UK then more often than that. One things is certain – our hearts won’t be leaving at all…


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