30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 1

Today we started packing stuff.

The piles of 'must go' begins...

The piles of ‘must go’ begins…

We’ve already sent several bags of books and things off with others who have visited over the last few months from the UK. Now we’re down to two kinds of packing: What we are shipping in barrels and will take a long time to reach us; and what we want to take in cases back with us directly.


Somethings are staying or being sold – such as the harmonium above – others are going with us like our old Bangla-language training books balanced on the case there.

Then there’s the kids’ old stuff:


The difficulty is knowing what to throw because they’ve outgrown it and what to keep because otherwise it is like throwing away their childhood.

And then just what do you do with a room like this?

???????????????????????????????Thing I has more tidying to do before we can even think of packing her stuff!



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2 Responses to 30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 1

  1. i’ve always said that moving is the best test of a marriage. you’ve done good things. best of luck.


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