30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 5 – Roll out the barrels

“…we’ll have a barrel of laughs…”

…as the old WWII song goes. Turns out it’s true too.


The day was relatively mundane with wifey at the office and myself trying to get some articles written. But after lunch, we tackled the area we dreaded most – packing!


Initially, it didn’t go well. Thing I & II both thought they should be the ones to be packed in barrels. I decided to join them.


After that, it all just got silly.


Some of our stuff we’re going to ship home to save on costs. But other things we want to take with us in our luggage. Trying to work out what we can do without for weeks, possibly months, and what we really need to take with us to have in the UK is a difficult one. For a start off, wifey seems to think jumpers and other warm clothes will be a priority to us in in the wintry month of January. I’m trying to make her see reason that the guitar and my books have to come instead.

I lost with the guitar.


I’m still holding out hope for some of my books at least.

I fear there is no hope, however, with Thing I’s bedroom which gets messier by the minute but is no nearer being packed. The joy of having a teenager daughter…




About D K Powell

British freelance journalist, author, writer, editor, musician, educational consultant. I lived with Wifey, Thing I (daughter) & Thing II (son) in Bangladesh for 5-6 years working for an NGO called LAMB. Wifey led the Hospital Rehab department and I used to teach O levels at the school before going full-time as a freelance writer in 2013. Now we're back in the UK learning how to be British again. When not writing or editing, I'm busy trying to complete a Masters degree in Intercultural relations in Asian Contexts and reading way too many books at once. I also drink tea - lots of it.
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