30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 12 – Lost in the middle of beauty

Even after so many years living in Bangladesh, I never fail to be amazed by its beauty.

Yesterday, even though we count ourselves as living ‘in the middle of nowhere’, we were invited to a meal in a place the GPS on my phone couldn’t cope with. Normally, my phone can pinpoint a single building in places like Dhaka and will even show rural LAMB quite happily. But this time, it couldn’t provide a single road or village. My phone told me we were somewhere south of LAMB and Parbatipur, but about anything else it could tell me nothing.

So we really were in the middle of ‘nowhere’ and beautiful it was too. Journeying with a friend and fellow teacher from the school and Surola, our beloved ayah, we headed to Mita’s, our friend’s ayah’s home on a little electric auto. The hartals have started again so we were unable to take the main roads where the demonstrations and blockades take place. Instead we had to take the back roads.

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We passed so many sights along the way during our two-hour journey to our lunch destination. I’ve selected only a few from the hundreds of photos we took.

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Then we arrived and sat at the first of three brother’s homes to be greeted by endless members of Mita’s family. Mita herself beamed with joy and pride having good friends visit her home.

Then on to the second brother’s home where we ate a wonderful meal – as good as any we’re eaten in Bangladesh.

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Then we went around the village to see various homes, schools, the church (it is a Christian Santal village) and then finally arrived back at the auto, ready to go home.

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It looked like it would be a pleasant journey back as the sun descended in the late afternoon.

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Then we broke down.

Very quickly, a crowd sprang up around us a word got around and everyone came running to see the bideshis. It was fun but also a little nerve-wracking as we wondered if we would be spending the night in some strange area.

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Thankfully, our driver fixed the auto and we were on our way again, now in the dark, and returned home to flop into our beds as soon as we could. It was a long day, but a delightful one.

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6 Responses to 30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 12 – Lost in the middle of beauty

  1. A. I. Sajib says:

    I see. A true middle of nowhere. Must be exciting. 😛

    I’m surprised that you are able to manage to write daily given how busy you must be leading up to the day of departure.


    • It was wonderful 🙂
      It is difficult, I’ll confess, when like today the internet refused to play ball. Thankfully, in between the four hours it took to get the photos uploaded and finish the post, I also got lots of other things done too – even finished reading a book!
      I’m glad I’m doing these daily posts though – they are very therapeutic for me. 🙂


  2. Fahima Begum says:

    Some really cool pics in this post. Those patterns in the homes are so pretty. Lol at the requested cow pic!


  3. boomiebol says:

    I remember your post at the beginning of the year about this been your last year… Amazing to see the time is almost here. I’m sure you will have great memories to treasure and your children have no doubt built lasting memories and awareness.


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