30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 18 – A Plethora of Farewells

Just a bit overwhelmed with the number of ‘goodbyes’ we’ve had over the last 48 hours with three of them just yesterday. I managed to miss a very important one from the day before so it’s time to catch up a little.

School Biday

Grade 5-9 gathered at LAMB school’s science lab to say goodbye formally to Thing I and Thing II. It was a lovely time and both kids got the chance to say thank you to everyone for their friendship and love.

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Goodbye to my guru

It’s been my delight and privilege to learn both Tabla and Sitar while in Bangladesh. While I’m no good at either, I do have the basic skills to continue learning and developing my technique and experience. My Guru for the sitar was a very nice man who travelled far to get to me twice a month. I learned a lot from him and will miss the lessons.

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Thing II’s Class Biday Party

Although there is still one last week left of school before breaking up for Boro din (Christmas), Grades 5-9 gathered together on Thursday to celebrate Things I & II and say goodbye to their time at the school. Whatever happens in the future, it is certain these two will never come to the school again as students.

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A Christmas Farewell

Last night we enjoyed a meal at one of our closest friends’ home. This whole family are family to us and they are people we feel very comfortable and relaxed around.

They also make the most delicious food!

A Christian family, we were delighted to see a Christmas tree up in their house. This is only the second we’ve seen all year. While the trees really don’t have anything to do with the religious side of the season, this tree reminded us of our own culture in the UK and what we’re missing again this year.

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Seeing Thing II with our friend’s daughter was special. The last time we did this he was just a little boy. Now I can see him as a young man with a pretty young lass on his arm.


However, with this photo, I can rest assured he hasn’t grown up that much yet!


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2 Responses to 30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 18 – A Plethora of Farewells

  1. dropped by accidentally…and what a lovely blog you have! I didn’t hesitate a moment to follow your blog. Read some of your posts…your About Me is very interesting & I like it very much. Had a look at all the photos of your family…your ‘Wifey’ and ‘Thing I & II’. Lovely! Amazing! Now I’m reading your 30 Final Days of Bangladesh…


    • I’m so glad you popped by Tushar and enjoyed what you saw – thank you for your very kind words! I must confess, I need to update my About Me section and hope to do so early in the new year but it is good to see that people still find it interesting to read. I hope you enjoy the ’30 Days’ posts – I’m certainly enjoying writing them 🙂


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