30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 20 – Farewell to School and Goat giving

If you tried to read the previous version of this post I apologise for the empty post you saw when you tried to read it. The internet has been impossible and I have spent literally hours and hours just trying to save, edit and publish this post. So I apologise for the mess – I’ve got no energy left to proofread or edit this. It’s just coming out the way it is… 😦

Shubho bijoy Dibosh! Happy Victory Day – to all my Bangladeshi friends and family in Bangladesh and around the world. After a day of sadness mourning the intellectual martyrs yesterday, this is a day for celebration of the day Bangladesh earned it’s independence from Pakistan in 1971.

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For us it was yet more goodbyes – in fact, for me it was the most important one yesterday. I want to LAMB school for the last official time so that Grades 6-9 could say farewell to me.

For me, this is the big one. These are the friends I came here to be with, to share time and effort with, to try and be a positive influence in their lives. I think they were more a positive influence in mine. Though I don’t miss the nonsense that comes with teaching, I do miss being in the classroom with these guys.

I was ‘forced’ to take a test of my knowledge of Santali and I didn’t do too badly! I was dreading being tested on Chemistry but thankfully they didn’t try.

Then, grade by grade, I was given cards and messages the students had prepared for me and I got the opportunity to thank them for the honour it had been to teach them.

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With just two weeks left before we leave Bangladesh altogether and ten days left of posting on this blog for this year, I can’t help but sympathise with Norah, who commented recently how sad is seems that we have so many goodbyes to say.

Yes, it is sad – and stressful and tiring and depressing at times; it’s all these things. But it is also a special time to make sure all those who were and are important to us in this country know that and to do our best to make sure not only that they won’t be forgotten but that our relationship with them hasn’t come to an end.

Gifts don’t have to be part of this but we still decided to buy goats for our ayah’s village as both a way of saying thank you and a practical way of being helpful. Female goats can breed and new goats can be sold on.

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4 Responses to 30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 20 – Farewell to School and Goat giving

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  3. Norah says:

    The goats are great gifts they’ll be able to make much use of!


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