30 Final Days of Bangladesh – Day 22 – Packing up at LAMB

It’s not just the Ford-Powell family who are packing up at the moment. Today is the last day for LAMB school too – though, admittedly, they are just ceasing for a few weeks for the Borodin (Christmas) and Nobo Borsho (New year) break. While we sit shivering in the British winter in our newly rented home, LAMB school teachers and students will be gathering together again for the second semester.

But yesterday they had to clear up all the rubbish around the marquee used for Victory Day ready to use it themselves today at the final school onusthan.

At the same time, they also practised their plays, songs and goodness knows what else this year for the onusthan itself. Judging by these photos taken by Thing I, I may be featuring in her class’s performance. I’ll find out tonight…

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The school also took Borodin nasta – Christmas snacks – to the hospital, as they do every year. Thing I had the camera at this time and failed to take pictures at the hospital itself but here’s a couple of shots of the buckets of bagged food and the kids setting off to the wards.

In the evening we had a meal with the Medical Director – or more importantly, with Thing I’s best friend! The girls have grown up together and it seems so strange to me to see these teenage girls peering over fun videos they’ve made on the laptop when just a few years ago they were little girls playing with dolls.

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Both my kids really have done their growing up here and I feel a lot of the time that I am a cruel parent for taking them away from this place where they feel so comfortable to wander and explore in a peace and security they and Wifey and I will never recreate in the UK.

With the house pretty much packed up too, I was glad to see Christmas decorations at our host’s house. What’s more, LAMB has finally put up the stars on every rooftop as per our usual Borodin tradition. Wifey and I began to believe they wouldn’t be up before we left and that would have been sad for us. Another thing we will miss.

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