Back to Blighty

I’m back! Did you miss me?

I hope some of you did, at least. I certainly missed being here.

It’s been several weeks since I was last able to post on this blog and life has been hectic to say the least. I’ll save the details for future posts but, for now, suffice to say my family and I have returned to ‘Blighty’  – to the UK – and are gradually re-learning how to be British.

It hasn’t been an easy journey so far but we have been comforted and helped out by many good friends up and down the country. Keeping busy has helped take our minds off the gaping hole left in our lives without Bangladesh and that’s just as well – there’s certainly been a lot of busyness! We now have a house in the village where our children will go to school with most amenities we need – just as well as we have no car! Ironically, considering the one thing I hated about Bangladesh was the appalling internet situation, we’ve not been able to get decent internet here either. It seems our little village as the slowest speeds in the entire county (if not the country) and unlimited broadband isn’t available either. I can’t help but feel some celestial being is having a little chuckle at my expense about that…

As I say, I’ll say more in future posts as I reflect on how it feels to be back in the UK and on my relationship with Bangladesh as that continues. This post is merely to touch base with you all once more.

Many people have asked me if this blog would continue and what form that would take. Obviously, you can see I intend to carry on with Kenthinksaloud but I guess it will now be the ‘British chapter’ as it were. I will use the blog more as a travelogue as I hope to visit various places over the next few weeks, months and even years. Commercially, as a freelance writer, I’m now doing quite a bit of travel writing so I will reflect on some of that work in the blog.

Bangladesh will continue to be foremost in my mind as I write posts and I will continue to give my thoughts and personal commentary on the political situation. Five years of living there (it seems so strange to refer to Bangladesh as ‘there’ now instead of ‘here’) and learning a great deal about the history of the country has taught me that it is unlikely Bangladesh will ever stop being interesting politically. Certainly, while the two ‘Iron Ladies’ continue their bizarre Cat and Mouse game, the strangest situations will continue to appear. It would be funny – if people didn’t die as a result of their machinations and pouts.

But enough for now, I hope my many friends will continue to enjoy these posts and support the blog. Even despite my absence, it seems to have continued to grow and many new friends have joined since my last post. Welcome – please join in, give me your views, share your own blog links where they seem appropriate (all comments are monitored by me before publishing if you are new here so don’t worry if your comment disappears – it will return!) and generally be part of a small but friendly community here.

It’s good to be back my friends.

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14 Responses to Back to Blighty

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  3. Audrey Chin says:

    Yes, I did miss your posts. Welcome back. And keep waaaarrrrmmmmmm in this unseasonably cold January. Imagine, its 20 degrees centigrade here in Singapore. I’ve a sweater on!!!! (hahahah, that was just to make you envious)


  4. kidswhogig says:

    Good to see you arrived safe sound and happy! Can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings!


  5. it good to see you back…..we really missed u…waiting for more posts from you…


  6. Nicky Branch says:

    Welcome back FP 🙂 Hope so see you around next time I’m back in Whitehaven x


  7. Welcome back, Ken! To answer your question: Yes, I missed you.


  8. Norah says:

    You’re back! Finally! Have been waiting ages to read something of yours here! Looking forward to more details about what you’re up to. And I wish you best of luck with your new life!


    • Thanks Norah, you’re a real star and I love hearing from you – you’re always so welcoming and supportive. So far, all is going well and we feel relatively comforted. There are moments, but on the whole we’re managing 🙂


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