Guest Posting at Expatsincebirth today

I’m guest posting at Expatsincebirth today on the joys of using VAK in the classroom! If you’re a teacher in the UK you almost certainly know VAK but if not then you might want to head over and have a look. It’s a model I’ve used not just to shape my classroom teaching over the last 16 years but also something which informs my own learning process.

Ute runs a very nice blog over there so do go and have a look at a few of her other pages too!

Giving the Classroom a good VAK

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2 Responses to Guest Posting at Expatsincebirth today

  1. adrianashton says:

    absolutely – VAK should the basis for any good differentiated learning; my challenge is that i’m often asked to lead sessions that are only 45 mins or an hour and need to cover a wealth of content… structuring VAK into its delivery would mean I need to given learners a lot more signposting and follow-up reading to do afterwards to make sure that commissioned session objectives and outcomes are met, but in reality sadly most people won’t take their learning any further than the time they spend in situ…


    • Not necessarily – I’ve taught up to the complexity of A level and University degree courses in anything from 30 – 120 mins. VAK shouldn’t require you to have to double the amount of material. It’s about variety of presentation and giving the three learning styles a chance. Most of us do this to an extent already – such as giving visuals at the same time we speak. But there are always ways to improve our teaching approaches so that all types of learners are reached and no one kind left behind.


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