The Return of the Lost Five

Do you remember these?

??????????????????????Finally, after three months of waiting, our five barrels will finally arrive at our home. I can only just remember them leaving.

Typically, after all this time, I won’t actually be home to see them safely in (I’m down south seeing my mum and giving a talk about Bangladesh) and instead I’ll be leaving Wifey to deal with lugging nearly 400 kg of stuff into our house. Good timing perhaps?

The question is: what on earth did we put in the flippin’ things? Seriously, there’s almost nothing I feel I’ve missed and our current home is stuffed full of things already. What could have been so important to us that we spent what turned out to be a ridiculous amount of money (thanks to hidden costs) to get it back?

But, as we’ve already discovered, the mind plays tricks.

We popped back to our ‘real’ house up the road where a tenant currently lives and got in (broke in actually as we lost the key to the padlock – oops) to the one locked room in the house where we packed up most of our stuff before we left for Bangladesh originally. We also picked up some suitcases from the In-laws and from friends around the country. In all cases we had the same reaction:

“Oh! That’s where that got to! I’ve so missed it!

I have no doubt we will do the same when we unpack these barrels too.

That is, unless the weather on the sea wasn’t kind or we inadvertently brought back some unwelcome guests from Bangladesh.

The former is a real possibility. We couldn’t afford the insurance for the barrels which came to a four figure sum all by itself so we had to trust in God that they would get here at all. It was worrying when the shipping firm told us they were due in on the 19th February but then were delayed ‘due to bad weather conditions’; finally we heard they arrived just a week or so ago. Scenes from The Life of Pi played and replayed over and over in my head. We walked on St Bees beach and saw a guy coming away carrying a lid similar to those on our barrels. Although we knew it was unlikely, we searched the beach just to make sure our stuff wasn’t strewn across it, washed in from the shipwreck. I have no idea how waterproof these barrels are…

one of he barrels being hoisted away

one of the barrels being hoisted away

The latter is a strong possibility too. Although we did our best to keep cockroaches, ants and wasps out of the house, it is an ever-present battle in Bangladesh with the insect world and incursions were often made; indeed, I never really succeeded in beating the ants. The buggers always found new ways to get in. We’ve brought home more than one cockroach in the past and the devils do have a habit of surviving long journeys munching away on your belongings in the suitcase where they snuggled down. I do hope we don’t discover any when the tubs are finally unveiled. Some things Bangladeshi need to remain in Bangladesh…

The unveiling (whatever comes out) will have to wait, however, until I get home. I forgot to tell Wifey where the keys to the barrel locks are before I left and I’m not going to let on now. I want the excitement of opening them myself, looking in and going “ooh! That’s where that got to!”

Unlike all our cases in the past though, I do know of at least one thing in the barrels I’ve been desperate for. My tabla (tobla in Bangla pronunciation) are locked away in there and I am so looking forward to playing again. Bashing your fingers away on the breakfast table just doesn’t compare – especially when your family shout at you to ‘stop making that damned noise’ as soon as you start a fast taal.

Some people just have no culture about them.


Aww :)

Aww 🙂

Original Apple Junkie has just written a wonderful blog post about me and the campaign for Ria (seen here with a delighted Thing II, my son). Please take a look. Apple Junkie is a lovely woman and Ria needs the support 🙂

Quick note for all non-Brits too – you can donate in your own currency! It will be converted to British pounds at our end 🙂

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17 Responses to The Return of the Lost Five

  1. The Lost Five reminded me of The Famous Five and The Five Findouters!

    Here’s hoping you get your table in good condition.


  2. Norah says:

    How do you manage to bring cockroaches by accident :-S? Glad your barrels reached land safely!


  3. For some strange reason I get the feeling this post could turn out to be a novel. The return of the lost five – where throughout the story you don’t give away what is inside them (could be a body in fives barrels, it could be a nuclear secret or some rare artefacts) and then right at the end the plot is exposed. Hmmmmm


  4. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Here’s to recovering things you missed terribly without ever knowing that you did! And if, heaven forbid, there are insects. . . Please don’t feel compelled to add a picture! 😉


  5. Barrels, lol! Well, many happy returns 🙂


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