Sonali News and other round-ups

I thought it was about time I brought you up-to-date with stuff I’ve been doing here and on my writer’s blog WriteOutLoud.  Yes, I’ve been fiddling again – plus a little spring cleaning – anything to procrastinate when I’ve got lots of real work I should be doing!

The front cover of Sonali

The front cover of Sonali

First thing is to tell you that Sonali now has a Facebook page (yes, that does mean I’m almost ready to publish!). There’s a link on my sidebar or just click herePlease go take a look, like it, like some posts, leave comments and basically help me make it look like people are interested! Really, if you’re a loyal fan of this blog you should be interested – you know that don’t you? 😉

Similarly, there’s still time to donate to Ria’s cause on GoFundMe and get your name mentioned in the acknowledgements of Sonali  (don’t forget too that you will get a free copy of the E-book as another thank you). It’s only a little thing but I am hoping this book will come out in print version too once the E-book version is up and running and so you’ll have the pleasure of knowing your name is in print somewhere on somebody’s shelf (probably my mum’s!) one day.


More seriously, I’d love more people to give a little to this cause (there’s also a link at the top of my sidebar). We’re beginning to get there now with a recently flurry of activity. We need lots of small donations and a small handful of larger ones. Behind the scenes we’re working on those larger ones but this site is really for peeps like you who can spare $5 here or there (numbers matter rathan amounts- it encourages others to give) to help bring a girl from a rural developing country to live with my family and train so she can go back and help steadily improve conditions for women and raise their status in the economy.

I always feel weird writing stuff like that because it sounds like over-hyping things but I’ve lived long enough in Bangladesh to know that small things make huge changes. Indeed, LAMB started decades ago as a tiny project in an insignificant part of the country and the difference it has made is immeasurable. Time is running out to make Ria’s dream come true – I hope you will help if you haven’t already.

Last plug for the money – you can also donate to either of my blogs by clicking this sign wherever you see it:

Donate Button with Credit Cards


For the time being, any money raised this way will go towards Ria’s fund too. Assuming we get her to the UK, any other funds will go towards the rest of her keep for the next three years.

Ok, so on a different note – please go check out my writer’s blog WriteOutLoudI’ve added quite a lot of stuff and got it (more or less) up-to-date so there are examples of reviews, articles and guest posts I’ve done plus a page of what services I offer. I know most of you here aren’t professional writers (though a large number of you bloggers and that makes you writers too remember!) but I would really appreciate you going over, clicking the like button in various places and maybe even leaving a comment or two on various pages (it won’t take you long, honest) – bearing in mind this is where clients go to see if they want to hire me. Thanks greatly 🙂


And thinking of looking and liking things – have you signed up for my tweets? If not, why not? No – don’t answer that one; I’ll only cry and that’s not pleasant to watch. But if you’re a Twitter fan, follow me @KenFordPowell (again, there’s a link in the sidebar too) and tweet me a message to say you follow this blog. I promise I will follow you back. Fair’s fair after all. 🙂

Wifey begins her new job on Monday and then I will be truly alone in the house each and every day (feel free to pop in for a cup of tea). I have just a couple of weeks left of receiving some support (not much I have to say) from our charity agency – the one we went out to Bangladesh with – and then I truly go solo as a full-time writer. It’s scary to think that the safety net of a little income is about to end and it’ll be up to me to earn a crust unassisted from then on .

Anyone have dishes they need washing?…


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