Review: The Amazing Wonderbag! Cooking your way to a better world

How would you like, today, to make the world a little bit better and easier? How would you like it if that could work for you too? How would you like it if cooking was the medium for a feel-good deed before your day was out?


Wonderbag (Photo credit: fumi)

There are few projects I have seen anywhere – be it in real life or on the web – where such a wonderful win-win situation occurs as you find with the perfectly named ‘wonderbag’. We came across this wonderful invention a couple of years ago when visiting friends in the UK. The ‘woman of the household’ – already a marvelous humanitarian and one of the most caring women I’ve ever known – never seems to stop. She holds down a full-time job, keeps the house in tiptop shape, has transformed her garden into a beautiful place of serenity and cooks the most delicious food!

It was while we watched her beavering away one morning before she went to work that we saw her do the most bizarre thing. She chopped up meat and veg, fried and boiled it all in a pot for a few minutes and then, weirdly, turned off the heat, picked the whole pot up and shoved it in what looked like a bean cushion but was actually a bag.

And then she went to work!

That evening she came home, set the table for dinner, took the pot out of the bag and served up. No fuss; I tell no word of a lie – the food was delicious. And so we were introduced to the marvel of the wonderbag. This clever little invention is simply a very, very good insulator which means if you put anything hot in it, it will remain hot throughout the day and lose very little heat. There’s no batteries, no electricity; just the bag. You put your pot of bubbling goodness into it, quickly seal it up at the top and leave it all day if you wish.

What’s more, when you purchase a wonderbag you actually buy two – one of them goes to a needy family in Africa. Furthermore, the people making these bags have also linked up with the World Wildlife Fund and a donation is given to WWF for conservation projects around the world.

Our friend has bought several of these bags over the years and given them to her good friends in Bangladesh (yes, she’s another LAMB person) and, just as here in the UK, using the bags mean consuming less fuel and saving energy. You really do just cook for a few minutes and then put it into the bag.

We finally got a bag this year when we returned to the UK (actually it was the same wonderful friend who bought us one. Bless her, she’s incredible) and found that everything we had been told was true. It’s simple, easy and reduces your fuel bills. We’ve taken to stacking two pots on top of each other in the bag to cook two dishes at the same time and the most you ever have to do is quickly heat them up on the cooker for a couple of minutes just to get them back to piping hot when you return home eight to ten hours later. Otherwise, they’re perfect. Moreover, the meat is drop-off-the-bone-and-melt-in-your-mouth delicious and the vegetables sweet and tasty. You can do seafood, vegetarian, puddings, soups – even drinks! Each bag comes with a recipe book and instructions and you can see online recipes here.

If you live in the UK, USA or South Africa then buying a wonderbag is easy. For other countries have a look on the website and see how to contact a dealer. In the UK Prices range from £30 to  £60 depending on the type you get (ours cost  £45) but don’t forget that you save energy, help the environment and help a poor family in Africa. Our friends in rural Bangladesh can attest to just how much this wonderful bag does help.

So – delicious food, labour and time-saving, good for the environment, poverty alleviation and wildlife preservation: could there be a better way to invest £45?

Put simply: go buy one today.

If you’re in the UK you can buy online hereOtherwise go click on any of the links above or click here and go have a look at the site. It really is WYSIWYG with no catches.

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  2. I’m so hurt that you have kept this secret from me!
    A powerless slow cooker?! Must.. Have.. 5!


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