Sonali: The wait is almost over…

I’m very excited to let you know that my book Sonali has finally uploaded – after two weeks of horrible delays – to the website which will publish it as a physical soft back edition, a pdf E-book and even an iPad version for you Apple users!

Sonali front and back

I’m just sorting out the store front for it and working out prices, plus seeing if I can do something a little fancy with the iPad version to make it just a tad more special and then I will make full announcements of where you can buy it and how.

Those of you who have already donated to the GoFundMe site to raise money for Ria’s goal – of doing a Business degree in the UK, staying with my family and aiming to return to Bangladesh and be part of the movement to empower women – you will get a free pdf copy soon and, as promised, your names are in the acknowledgements. Be proud of yourselves – you’ve had the generosity to help meet a young woman’s selfless goal. After that, the book will go on sale.

An example of one of the inside pages of Sonali

An example of some inside pages from Sonali

It’s still not too late to donate and get a free copy of the book – though your name won’t be acknowledged now it is uploaded – and the GoFundMe site will continue to be a place to give donations in general. Please do give a little to help the cause if you can.

So – watch this space! Very soon I will make all the details clear about how you can buy copies of SonaliI’m very excited!

Sonali blurb front cover


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