A new writing gig!


I was delighted when the team who write local free newspaper Egremont 2Day asked me recently to join them as a regular contributor.

Egremont Castle was in the town of Egremont, C...

Yes, we have our own castle. Egremont Castle, Cumbria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The paper reaches a physical circulation of around 13,000 people I believe and has an online site expanding the readership beyond that. I’m looking forward to seeing my contributions in print (as a freelancer writing internationally I get to see few physical copies of my work) and pleased how many have spoken to me already after seeing my first piece for  E2D published.

This article is the first of what should be a series comparing life in Cumbria, UK with life in Bangladesh. I hope it’s a series which will encourage readers to appreciate their own locale a little more and gain a small perspective on the global world. Read it here:

From Bangladesh to Blighty

But it’s not all Bangladesh of course! I hope to provide other pieces too – for instance I will be reviewing The Full Monty for the publication’s next edition! You may recall my tongue-in-cheek post about this a few weeks ago which caused more than a few jaws to drop and the odd disapproving remark. You can read that here:

When the Young Woman Wanted Me Naked

I would love my friends who read my drivel to go have a look at the article in Egremont 2Day and say hi by clicking the Facebook ‘Like’ button. Unfortunately comments are closed on the website so that’s the only way I’ll know you’ve been there (yes, I will be looking 😉 ). It’ll take you seconds to read it, it’s only short, and you’ll make me look good for my new-found friends on the team. 😉

Don’t forget my book Sonali is now published and available  in both print and E-book format here. Take a look!

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5 Responses to A new writing gig!

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  2. Norah says:

    Congratulations Ken :-D!


  3. congratulations! will do


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