It’s gonna be a busy week – guest posts about Sonali

So this is just a quick heads up about some guest posts which will take place soon. Several blogging friends have kindly invited me to write posts about my book Sonali and during this coming week I will be dutifully writing away and sending the result off to said friends.


When they choose to publish my guest posts will largely be up to them but as soon as I know I will make sure you guys know too! I do know at least one of them will publish this week however.

It’ll be boring for you to read the same thing repeatedly (and I do want you all to go visit my good friends’ virtual establishments) so I’m going to try to make each post a little different. I will introduce different aspects to the making of the book, different people and their stories who appear in the book and different thoughts about life in Bangladesh in general. This way you don’t get bored reading them and I don’t get bored writing them (essential when you’re a struggling writer with ADHD!).

Me enjoying the view and a good hot cup of laal cha

Me enjoying the view and a good hot cup of laal cha

I hope you’ll keep an eye out for the guest posts as I announce them and pop over to the widely varied blogs my friends run. I’m looking forward to writing them…but I’m gonna be busy!


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