The positives of being negative

Today I spoke to someone who gave me bad news and yet raised my spirits.

I can’t say, at this stage, who she is or why I was calling her; but she isn’t a friend and she wasn’t trying to give me good news. In fact, she gave me pretty awful news in some respects.

But then, I’ve been living with the fear of similar such news for quite some time. Everything good that I have touched, tasted, felt or otherwise experienced for the last few months has been tinged – almost poisoned – by this fear.

The woman I spoke to was clearly someone in tune with my thinking for she agreed: “prepare for the worst and then anything else is a bonus.”

That’s just how I think in general. I’ve forever called myself a ‘realist optimist’ because I don’t blindly hope for the best as an optimist but nor do I suffer the depression of the realist. The glass may be half-full with me but I’m not blind to the fact that some of its contents have been spilt; I’m just grateful I still have half of it.

This woman gave me, today, some of the half-glass – just at a time when I was beginning to struggle to see any contents at all. At the same time she was honest enough to tell me more contents will be lost – perhaps much more – but that some definitely will remain. I see blessings in that and my spirits have been raised in knowing that the world isn’t quite as uncertain as I thought it might be.

And that’s enough to see me through – at least for the next few days. But my children and wifey will be coming home soon so I had better sign off. In a still relatively uncertain world I want to lose no time in just being with the people in my life who matter. I can’t spend time with those I love in Bangladesh – we can’t afford to fly there though we’re desperate to be back with our loved ones; I can’t spend time with others around the country who I love dearly and wish so much lived right next door; but I can spend time with my family. That’s my half-full glass; that’s my blessings.

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18 Responses to The positives of being negative

  1. I don’t know if I can say I’m in a similar situation- the worst thing that could happen has happened and now I realize the only way left to go is up. In a way, that makes me more positive about life is that weird? All the best 🙂

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    • Yes I know just what you mean, unfortunately. I can appreciate the thought that this brings a positivity with it which I think is counter-intuitive to others until you actually experience it yourself. I wish you all the best with your issues and hope that things do, indeed, go up for you. 🙂

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  2. Norah says:

    I’m going through a similar phase at the moment… so I feel you brother :-). Hang in there!

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  3. I read a quote a few days ago (can’t remember by whom) that went something like this: the pessimist complains about the wind coming from the wrong direction, the optimist hopes it will change, and the realist adjusts the sails 😉

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  4. This is a deep post Ken.. The glass being half full impresses that you are an optimist – not solely burying your head in the sand – and having split those contents as a realist means that you can clean up the spillage and continue working on half full as opposed to half empty (does that make sense?)
    I hope that everything starts getting better.. Family is always a blessing.. I love the approach you take as I’m sure if you looked at situations as a half empty glass.. This would be a very different post..
    Praying for you 🙂

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  5. Ken- I am a big fan of “prepare for the worst”. I mean literally have a plan, this is what I will do. If that happens. Then I can relax and it hardly ever happens.
    Is that what you mean?

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  6. I love the way you think. I think I am too optimistic that when things doesn’t go my way, I am very disappointed. I am trying my best not to be too optimistic and be realistic more in life.

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    • Thank you! You made my day with that comment!
      I hope you manage the goal of being more realistic but I hope too that life doesn’t give you much need for it and that your optimism is rarely disappointed 🙂


  7. My dear Ken, I hope the contents of this glass not only remain but get replaced to fill it up. Spending time with your family is truly a blessing. Be well, my friend.

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  8. glasses are always full – but they’re very rarely full of a single thing: it’s usually half beer/half air.

    And that can be quite a useful thing: you’ve something to look forward to enjoying, and something to help you keep breathing 😉


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