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In my defence, there are two pieces of evidence I would like to present before the jury before they convict me of gross outrage behaviour for a respectable adult yesterday.

The first is that I had the double honour of playing the processional music for the wedding of two ex-students of mine that morning. The bride, Sarah, I’ve known for fourteen years and it was a real delight to be asked by her to bring her in to Pachelbel’s Canon in D. If you like my Sonali Facebook page you can, no doubt watch the videos I’ve uploaded for Facebook there.

The double honour was because I got to play the piece, along with Elton John’s Your Song and Bob Marley’s One Love during the signing of the register, with my son (known in these pages as Thing II). The lad did good and I did ok so we were both very relieved when it was over and we hadn’t ruined a beautiful bride’s magic day. I guess we let our hair down a bit (metaphorically, obviously, in my case). Here’s photographic proof of our endeavour:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe second piece of evidence I wish to offer is this:


The evening do included the inspired addition of a candy cart. Ostensibly for the young kids to create their own pick ‘n’ mix, in reality it was the adults who swamped the cart helping themselves to all things sugary.

My own indulgence into the tasty delights along with the aforementioned ‘letting down of the follicles’ explains, in my mind, just why I applied my own interpretation to this:


think the intention was for us all to capture those magic moments, which the official photographer might have missed, on our own cameras. Despite my own (possibly wayward) interpretation of how to fulfil this, I offer my collection for the happy couple who will, I’m sure, be delighted to include my pictures in their own ‘treasured memories’. Here goes anyway…

Group photo of everyone at your table:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeautiful aren’t we?

Favourite decoration:


It’s only a decoration while it’s empty of course.

Photo of each family or couple at your table:

I might, possibly, have got confused when trying to take these shots…

There is one shot missing of couple here and that’s because it also fulfils the following category:

Cutest couple:



Bride playing with her ring / Groom playing with his ring:

This was easy thanks to modern technology.

You’d think though, wouldn’t you, that they had better things to think about on their special day than changing their ringtones? Anyway, it’s not my wedding…

Mother of the Bride Crying:


To be fair, you can’t tell if she was crying or not and I did have to request her to pose in this manner for just that reason but…one has to work with what one has, doesn’t one?

Someone making a toast:


Yeah..it was at the point when I wandered into the hotel kitchens and asked a staff member to make a piece of toast while I took a photograph of him doing so that I started to realise the sugar rush was beginning to make me behave a little oddly…

Bride and Groom first dance:

This was a truly lovely moment which I think I captured especially well.


The Bride and her mother dancing:

This was much harder to capture than the previous picture. Nevertheless, I did it.


Both the bride and her mother are in that picture dancing. Honest.

And while we stay on the subject of dancing…

Best dancer/ Worst dancer (in action)

I’ll let you decide which picture belongs to which category. It tells you something about the craziness of the night in general that the bride’s sister (also an ex-student and very long-term friend) joined in with the fun with me.


I’m kinda not certain she had any idea that picture would be posted to thousands of people around over 140 countries but…better to do it and ask forgiveness later!

Bride watching the Groom from a distance:


and on the flipside…

Groom watching the Bride from a distance:


Let’s move on…quickly…just two more to go and these two are my favourites because, as you might imagine, they are the sweetest and most lovely of the two newly-weds.

Bride and Groom kissing:


Lucky Things I & II to be kissed by the Bride and Groom at the same time. I’m fairly certain I interpreted this picture correctly just as I am sure the final one is as the happy couple intended…

Bride and Groom holding hands:

Well these are my pictures so I think it was only right that I was included in this special shot.


I really am quite definite that this is what they meant by ‘holding hands’.

Well that was the complete collection and it was a real joy to zip around collecting them and looking at the bemused faces of guests and staff as I went. There was one event, however, which took me quite by surprise, delighted me and honoured me yet again. That morning I had been honoured to play guitar with my son, Thing II. That evening I was honoured to have my daughter, Thing I, grab my hand and drag me to the dance floor to have a bop. Not only have I two left feet when she is a graceful and talented dancer but she’s a teenager who should, by now, be thoroughly embarrassed by her old man especially when he’s just spent an evening making a fool of himself (again) in front of others.


To have a dance together, in public, really moved me. I am grateful to be blessed with two children who still enjoy my company (as I love theirs) just as I am blessed with many hundreds of children who were entrusted to my care as a teacher for a short period of time in their lives and still want me around now they’re adults and doing crazy things like getting married. I really have no need for anything else in my life.

I am fulfilled. Slightly crazed, perhaps, but fulfilled.

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10 Responses to I Spy

  1. orples says:

    I loved the wedding, especially the bride and groom watching each other from afar—classic! LOL. Great job posting the event. I’m sure the bride and groom will appreciate your efforts.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Beemona says:

    This is why I like to peek into other people’s blog – They are funny, crazy, honest and funny (ok, I said it twice. I meant wonderful)

    Best dancer/worst dancer in action is right mix for any party. Thanks for sharing, Ken. 🙂


  4. Ladygardenia says:

    You seem to be such a funny crazy guy lol i cant wait to meet u in real life 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. renxkyoko says:

    Your pics are AMAZING ! ! If I were the couple, I d ” confiscate ” your photos. Kidding ! Honestly, I love them… they are funny and humurous, and hilarious ! ! !

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ruby Tuesday says:

    “You’d think though, wouldn’t you, that they had better things to think about on their special day than changing their ringtones? Anyway, it’s not my wedding…”

    This made me laugh so hard I started to choke. Great pictures!

    By the way, your daughter went from lovely to drop-dead gorgeous sometime when you weren’t posting pictures. All I can say is holy wow! Also, look out, because the boys are going to swarm. . . Good luck with that! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh dear do be careful – I’d hate for your demise to be on account of one of my posts my dear friend 😉
      I’m glad you enjoyed the pics Ruby and it’s lovely to see you commenting on here. I’ve missed you (though I know I can’t talk having not been able to comment on yours for quite some time :-/ )
      Yeah…they’re both growing up so fast and turning out just right. I’m a proud and happy dad. Bless you Ruby 🙂


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