Scottish Power – the most inept service provider in the UK? I think so!

Originally posted on my Facebook wall, I thought I would share my words for the benefit of the many, many hundreds of you who live in the UK. If you could afford a £900 bill all in one go then this won’t affect you but I’d love to hear from you so I can borrow some money!

ScottishPower you are absolutely useless. I have written you a long email today after speaking to the Ombudsman and choose to give some details here where hundreds of my friends can read just how hopeless you really are as a service provider.

Last year you failed to take three months payments when I moved home. I thought you’d got ‘monthly’ and ‘quarterly’ mixed up and foolishly waited for you to get your act sorted out. In February you realised you were charging me way too much when I told you British Gas was ready to slash my bill in half. I found out then that YOU had put my account in arrears.

You put me on a new tariff which equalled British Gas plus a little extra each month to repay what I owed (thanks to you remember) over the next 12 months. Foolishly, I agreed. We all make mistakes, I thought, I should give you a chance.

This month you called me, told me how it was all your fault about not taking the payments last year and offered to credit my account one month’s payment to say sorry. I accepted! Fool that I am. You also told me there was an even better tariff now available and put me on that. Great, I thought! Silly me.

Last weekend I looked at my account and discovered – wait for it – you had taken nearly £900 from my account! You can imagine how overjoyed I was by this.

Today I find out that it was your error – again (you don’t say) – but…again, wait for it…you couldn’t return more than about £300 because that’s all I have in credit. So thank you for putting me more than £500 in debt. £500 which I don’t have. Thank you for telling me today that,effectively, it was my fault. Of course it was. I should never have believed you were capable of looking after your customers.

I can’t wait for the Ombudsman to be involved. Until then, I hope you lose lots of business as my friends swap over their business before this happens to them or throw away that quote you sent tempting them away from their current utility provider. You don’t deserve the customers you have.

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6 Responses to Scottish Power – the most inept service provider in the UK? I think so!

  1. Gordon says:

    whereas I don’t have the £900 you request. I am kind of happy to have been told by Scottish power that my consumption is down and they have taken too much. They have said the over payment will be in my account within 3 days and my bill has reduced by £40 a month.
    Why do I feel guilty?
    I hope you get sorted soon.

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  2. ken – maybe they have organizational ADD ADHD? What a mess.

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  3. Seyi sandra says:

    That’s horrendous Ken, I’m so sorry! Their ineptitude is beyond belief!!

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