More observations about ‘The Boy’

I’ve shared a post or two before from this wonderful woman who writes witty and telling posts about motherhood. They are genuinely worth reading and the blog is worth following. I’m not just saying that because I know this woman personally and I’m immensely proud to have once been her teacher – honest!

Seriously, go read this; then read some other posts from her; then follow the blog. If you’ve ever had a child you’ll know where Nicky is coming from.

How I Survived Your Childhood

Now he is past the 6 month mark he is starting to become a real little person. He laughs, cries, and has the strangest facial expressions ranging from judgemental to flirty to ‘I think I just poo’d out my intestines’. He knows what he wants, but he just can’t quite get it, either because mobility is still illusive or because his communication is still a little on the ‘scream until the thing I want happens’ side.

He is trying his best to learn how to crawl. So far he has managed to get onto his front, push himself up into a position most Yoga enthusiasts would envy and raise his hips off the floor for all of around 1 second. This is where it goes downhill. Literally. He has a few options at this point, he either tries to tuck his knees up and end up sliding backwards, or completely…

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About D K Powell

British freelance journalist, author, writer, editor, musician, educational consultant. I lived with Wifey, Thing I (daughter) & Thing II (son) in Bangladesh for 5-6 years working for an NGO called LAMB. Wifey led the Hospital Rehab department and I used to teach O levels at the school before going full-time as a freelance writer in 2013. Now we're back in the UK learning how to be British again. When not writing or editing, I'm busy trying to complete a Masters degree in Intercultural relations in Asian Contexts and reading way too many books at once. I also drink tea - lots of it.
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