Homeschooling a Dad – my daughter’s perspective

As I thought she would, my Thing I has posted on her blog about her perspective on our first week or so of homeschooling.

“This week was my first full week of homeschool. It’s quite overwhelming to think about the fact I am an official homeschooler… but I’m dealing with it.

So how am I feeling?

There’s excitement, I’m a lot freer than I used to be, even though I’m still very busy. The freedom is both internal and external.

Internally, I’m less stressed. I’m enjoying life. My head is above the water again. Externally, I’m getting back into the hobbies I’d lost, although I have yet to recommence dancing.”

You can read the rest of her post here

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3 Responses to Homeschooling a Dad – my daughter’s perspective

  1. 🙂 I loved her perspective!!! 🙂

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