The magic of the scriptures?

The Holy Scriptures tell us:

* that some of the night celestial bodies in the sky are a deception and not really there (Hezekiah 3:4)

* that our beings came from the heavens and we lived many lives over (Ishmael 12:7)

* that we are deceived by nature, can touch nothing and are actually beings of energy which float above the ground (Damascus 5:1)

* that objects can and do, by the power of God, vanish from existence and reappear somewhere else in an instant (Jeroboam 4:4)

* that our sense of time is an illusion and we’re actually moving in the opposite direction to the rest of the universe. We’re moving backwards in time! (Jonas 1:13)

* that two objects can be completely separated from each other, miles apart, and yet when one changes direction God will change the direction of the other instantly by his will (Matthias 5:5)


Well, except that I lied and no scriptures say any of this (I made up all the references). Instead, these are current scientific theories and observations (ask me in the comments if you want to know what the science behind these really is). Some are well established, others are more uncertain and the theories will undoubtedly change over time. Almost all though, are beliefs at the end of the day – beliefs of scientists based on what little they can test and observe.

But I wonder how many of you shook your heads at the incredulity of gullible religious people? Yet had I presented these in more traditional ways using the acceptable language of the day would you have unquestioningly believed what I said because Science tells you it is so? Yes, I messed with the language a bit to make them sound ‘religious’ but be under no doubt, Science conventions have their own ‘language’ which we take for granted but are intended to be convincing.

This is not a post mocking science nor putting religion on a pedestal. It is a post seeking to encourage us all to question what we believe and who we trust to tell us truth. I find that the best scientists and the most faithful religious people both do exactly that and refuse to believe anything unthinkingly simply because some authority tells us so.

Every psychologist knows just how easy it is to shape our preconceptions and our prejudices. The histories of religion and science are both littered with lies, deceptions, cruelty and inhumanity not because either are wrong or evil but because all of us are capable of doing wrong. Especially when those we trust unfailingly tell us it is right.

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6 Responses to The magic of the scriptures?

  1. archecotech says:

    The Bereans received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily whether those things were so.” We should do the same today, not follow blindly. Thanks.

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  2. I was starting to question what kind of Bible you had been reading! LOL!

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    • D K Powell says:

      You’re supposed to be working Apple! 😛
      He he yes I thought it might raise some eyebrows. I’m waiting to see if anyone misses what I did here and gets the wrong end of t’stick!


  3. Bupe Rose says:

    Yup, started reading then I was like, wait a minute…LOL. Agreed: “But test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good.”

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