Homeschooling a girl: Then there were two…

Remember I said that Thing II was reconsidering his choice to go to school come this September? Guess what? Yep, I need to change the title of this particular series. The git has decided he will do homeschooling instead.

It wasn’t an easy decision for him to be fair. Not only did Wifey and I grill him to within an inch of being a BBQ but the boy genuinely agonized over what to do. He loves socializing and hanging around with others but at the same time he’s not too keen on the actual lessons bit of school and can completely miscommunicate with teachers (with anyone really) which kinda defeats the point in going to school.

What I was pleased about was that as Thing I and I got on with homeschooling over this Summer break, Thing II joined in too and that’s what’s changed his mind. He actually likes this way of doing school. Obviously his old man isn’t too much of a dragon.

So after making him sit down to discuss pros and cons and make lists and so on, he finally decided that he would try it out for the next year at least. It was odd, after ranting about how good homeschooling is that I spent many conversations with him saying “er…son I think you should really give state school a chance seeing as you chose it originally”. But despite that, he’s made his choice and I’m proud of him for doing so.

So now there are two!



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4 Responses to Homeschooling a girl: Then there were two…

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  2. hiMe says:

    It Is very patient of you to do homeschooling the kids.

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  3. 🙄 if you add your puppy you’ve got a Genesis album! 😉
    Taking into account who the teacher is, I think they chose wisely! 🙂

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