Going Home

Over Christmas I finished a big project for a client which saw quite a lot of money come in from my writing. Normally I would have banked this and added to the pot from which I draw a monthly wages for myself. But this time I decided this large sum needed to be at least partly used on something special.

And so I bought a ticket for Bangladesh.

Yes, after just over two years of being exiled from my heartland, I’m going back. I’m heading home.


It’s interesting that despite all the predictions otherwise (that I’d adjust to being back in the UK, re-find my place, my role here and adapt), I still think of Bangladesh as home. I’ve always maintained that when I left the country I left my heart there and I still feel that today. I haven’t found ‘my place’ here. Far from it. Instead I continue to despair at how British people treat each other. This is transient. I am a foreigner here, trespassing on a culture I can’t agree with.

It doesn’t mean that I’ve not known happiness in the UK – of course not. I have my family, my friends and perks like finally owning a house big enough to have all my books, CDs and musical instruments housed in one room. my study is my haven and I never tire of working here all day. Facebook too has made sure that almost all those who matter to me who are not physically by my side are still with me every day. And we have a cute dog who is our life and joy here and makes every day special. I am content – truly.

But it’s not Bangladesh.

So, this Saturday Wifey and I will be flying from Manchester airport and spending two weeks in the heartland. This assumes that we have no problems getting a tourist visa on arrival or that something else doesn’t go stupidly wrong! Otherwise, the next you hear from me, I will either be in Asia or, if the internet fails to materialise, back from the country. Either way, you’ll be sure to get a report from me on my experiences. Get ready! There will undoubtedly be turbulence.

My Bangladesh

My Bangladesh

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9 Responses to Going Home

  1. Wishing you a smooth re-entry and a wonderful time πŸ™‚


  2. nimi naren says:

    Have a great trip Ken

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  3. Ohhhh! That’s wonderful, my friend! Enjoy it!!!!! [and have a safe journey …home] πŸ™‚

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  4. How amazing!
    Excited for you both! Enjoy!

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