Special Announcement: Another TV appearance

For those of you who have followed this blog for many years you have enjoyed/suffered/ignored both my writings and my photos well beyond the call of duty. Recently you’ve also endured seeing me on camera too. What you haven’t seen though is much of the woman who is lovingly referred to in these pages as ‘Wifey’.

Last year I gave my hugely successful TEDx talk on “The Importance of the Global Village”:

Then recently I appeared on NTV, interviewed by Abul Hasnath. The 45-minute show was split into three sections as below:

At the time I remember thinking “I spent more time talking about my wife than I did about me!” Well, at long last, for those of you who might have wondered what kind of woman has put up with me all this time and what is she like to talk to, Wifey is finally making her TV debut!

We are being interviewed by IQRA Bangla TV’s Ishaque Uddin this coming Thursday at 6 – 7:30pm GMT. The show will be live which is pretty scary for both of us but, all being well, you’ll get to hear from the horse’s mouth just what my other half did out in Bangladesh for five years and what drives and motivates her.

You can set your sky boxes to record Sky channel 825 for 6pm or watch live at the time and enjoy seeing us squirm! If you live outside of the UK or don’t have Sky you can watch live on IQRA’s website – www.iqra.tv/iqra-bangla/ – or wait until the programme uploads to Youtube (I’ll share the links eventually!)

Writer and journalist D K Powell is the author of the bestselling collection of literary short stories “The Old Man on the Beach“. His first book, ‘Sonali’ is a photo-memoir journal of life in Bangladesh and has been highly praised by the Bangladeshi diaspora worldwide. Students learning the Bengali language have also valued the English/Bengali translations on every page. Ken has two new books coming out over summer – don’t miss them! 

Sign up for Ken’s new writing project – ‘The Pukur’ – at Patreon.

Both ‘The Old Man on the Beach’ and ‘Sonali’ are available on Amazon for kindle and paperback. Published by Shopno Sriti Media.

D K Powell is available to speak at events (see his TEDx talk here) and can be contacted at dkpowell.contact@gmail.com


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  1. Can’t wait! Will definitely be tuning in!

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