How to kill ISIS (and why we don’t want to)

“…ISIS are quite, quite brilliant…”

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As I write, there has been yet another terrorist attack. Yet again a van as rammed into a crowd. Where it happened doesn’t matter. You could be reading this at any time in the near future and history will no doubt repeat itself somewhere else. Van-ramming is now the weapon of choice for ISIS though we’ve also seen it used by White supremicists (i.e. Charlottesville) in recent days. But perhaps when you’re reading this some other attack may have occurred. we live in disturbing days.

I will be immediately controversial and say that ISIS are quite, quite brilliant. Do not mistake this for admiration (nor approval of what they stand for). It’s actually a declaration of how frighteningly dangerous they are. Despite the rallying calls that they are in their dying days with the ‘caliphate’ on the point of collapse, their major strongholds in the Middle East all but recaptured and reports of members leaving in their droves every day, ISIS remain a danger which will be felt long after they cease to exist as a coherent group.

Hitler repeated

It is not inappropriate to make comparisons with that other great danger of the last century – Hitler – although the use of this figure is a double-edged sword for there is a man on the other side of the ISIS coin to whom such references could also be made. But for now, I’ll apply what we know of Hitler to ISIS.

The leader of the Nazi party continues to be studied today for good reason. His speeches were brilliant, his theories equally so. His tactics were superb. He went from being a dangerous extremist, imprisoned for his beliefs in a country semi-unfairly punished for the First World War (modern historians acknowledge that the power struggle in Europe was a much more complex affair than the oft-told tale of’ Germans as bad and everyone else as good’ touted in schools in the West) and became the country’s leader, unifying the people into an efficient fighting machine and bringing at least a form of (temporary) prosperity and hope to the German nation.

Such was the brilliance of the man that it has been argued that many of the atrocities committed in his name were done so without his explicit knowledge or orders but simply because leaders lower down the chain believed that this was what the Führer would want. Again, let it not be misunderstood as an attempt to apologise for the man and excuse him. There is no doubt that overall the holocaust and other atrocities were all part of his master plan. But the ideology of Hitler was much, much bigger than the man himself. Indeed, even today, Nazi groups exist everywhere and he continues to be revered.

What is important here is that Hitler was not an uneducated thug. He would have been easy to remove, a blip in history’s landscape, had he been so. He was an articulate, controlling, clever man who pushed all the right buttons at the right time. The result was a horror much greater than any one man could achieve on his own.

“Long after the final tenuous grip of ISIS in the Middle East has been lost, these attacks will continue and ISIS will, in an ethereal,virtual and spiritual form, continue to exist throughout the world”

The real danger of ISIS

In a similar way, ISIS is much bigger than the group itself. Indeed, I have deliberately used the popular name ISIS instead of the wealth of other names used in the press (‘Islamic State’ etc.) because it is the name which is more dangerous than the entity.

Like Hitler, ISIS is no thuggish movement. Unlike groups such as the Taliban and Al-Qaeda which were fundamentally controlling organisations and were politically minded, ISIS presents a theological ideology which is well-thought out and attractive to disenfranchised Muslims. While Bin Laden and his associates wore a thin veneer of Islam to justify their means, the truth was that such groups were really held together by mercenaries who looked for power, money and prestige. There is much of the same with ISIS of course, but at the top is an ideology which is well promoted and seductive to the vulnerable.

Before I am accused of laying this at the foot of the door of Muslims, I will also point out that there is an equally dangerous ideology slowly growing in the West which will, given the right feeding and growth, develop into a counter-terror driving against Muslims. That is a subject for another post on another day but I will pick up on this area soon enough. For now though, let it be said that this article is not accusing the vast majority of Muslims who are decent, law-abiding citizens every bit as horrified by terrorism as those of us who are not Muslims.

However, perhaps the greatest tactic employed by ISIS which makes them so insidious is the latest ploy of using the internet to invite all people to take up their ideology and wage war against the West. It is brilliant and truly frightening. Now anyone can be a member of their organisation without ever meeting or even corresponding with a member of ISIS. I am not even a Muslim and yet, today, I could read some propaganda, convert to an extreme form of Islam, hire a van and kill a load of people. I don’t need to have been a Muslim beforehand, I don’t need to know how to shoot a gun or make a bomb. I simply have to believe the ideology and be prepared to die or live the rest of my life in prison. Many a serial killer has made just that decision for infamy alone without the need for deep ideological belief. Of course, I could convert to some extreme form of Christianity or even Atheism and also go out and kill people, but the focus here is on Islamic terrorism.

What’s more, although this has not yet been utilised, I think it is only a matter of time before we see the next, most awful, step of the van-ramming technique. So far, we have only seen such acts taking place in major cities or where major events are taking place. But these acts could happen almost anywhere. In my local town there is a street carnival every year. a van ram-raid there would be every bit as effective in killing and maiming as it would in London, Nice or anywhere else. Indeed, in the same town any Friday or Saturday night there are enough people drinking on the streets that you could probably kill many on just an ordinary evening. We are, I am convinced, only one step away from the ultimate terror – where acts could be committed anywhere, any time, by any person. And the police and anti-terrorist organisations would be completely unaware of both the plan and the persons involved. I am mystified quite why this has not yet started happening. It is only a matter of time though, I feel.

Long after the final tenuous grip of ISIS in the Middle East has been lost, these attacks will continue and ISIS will, in an ethereal,virtual and spiritual form, continue to exist throughout the world with a larger membership than formally recognised at present.

Photo from MercoPress

“…if your God is so weak he needs you to ‘defend his name’ by slaughtering innocents, then you really don’t believe in God at all…”

How to kill ISIS

With all this in mind then, it is imperative that all those who stand against ISIS – the non-Muslim West and, it is very important to say, the vast majority of Muslims throughout the world – do everything we can to bring this group (and others like it) to an end. While government forces and armies continue to wage war on the ground and through information-seeking to find smaller groups planning large-scale attacks, the greater war can be fought by all of us in three vital ways:

  1. We name ISIS and all terrorists for what they really are: Murderers. ISIS thrives on publicity. Take away that publicity and you remove the fuel for their fire. Instead, give a level playing field to all those who kill others for ideological reasons. It is well known that actually the majority of terrorist attacks in America and Europe are NOT Islamic in origin but come from a wealth of beliefs, political and religious including, notably, Christianity. Yet the media and police forces rarely refer to such acts as ‘terrorist’ or give them much credence. Make all acts of violence against non-combatants taking place in non-war-zones acts of murder not terrorism. Dismiss the names of the organisations or belief systems these acts are perpetrated in and name the culprits as murderers. This would have an immediate effect on many who might consider going down ‘in a blaze of glory’ if they know their cause will receive no air space.
  2. Refer to religious terrorists – ISIS in particular – as atheists. This is a key tactic but one which needs determined effort to implement. There are two reasons for using this tactic. The first is that one of the important aspects of ISIS attacking the West is to drive a wedge between non-Muslim and Muslims. By making us all hate Muslims, it sends Muslims over to the side of ISIS who believe, and wish, for all Muslims to join them in the Caliphate and leave the decadent West behind. By removing the religious connotations, you remove the wedge which ISIS wishes to drive between people. The second is that to call an ISIS member an atheist would be the ultimate insult but also, I believe, calling the truth. Just as I believe extremist Christians to be atheists, so I believe the same of all extremist religious cults. The logic is simple – if your God is so weak he needs you to ‘defend his name’ by slaughtering innocents, then you really don’t believe in God at all. A God which is so pathetic that he can’t do his own killing but needs human hands to exact vengeance or judgement or whatever, is no God at all. Such a God is just an excuse to commit murder. So call it as it is.

The third tactic is the hardest one and, in some ways, possibly the cruellest to carry out.

Peter Frankopan’s excellent history book ‘The Silk Roads’ is a wonderfully refreshing book which gives new insight into world history without having to resort to conspiracy theories, obscure, ambiguous sources or twist facts hard to develop interpretation. Instead he merely throws the known facts into a new light by removing the America/Britain.Euro-centric assumptions and placing Asia at the centre of world events instead.

When seen through this lens, it becomes more obvious that the whole of 20th century history has been shaped by oil. From the initial findings in Persia, to the hunt for supremacy over the Middle East, to the mishandling by the British, and then Americans, of an impossible situation with warring Islamic countries which led to the intense (and rightful) distrust of America in particular by the Arab lands.

While I maintain that the danger of ISIS is their well-constructed ideology, their political thinking has been no less intelligent. The areas ISIS have controlled have been to put oil into their hands because they know as well as the Western governments do that he who has oil has the world.

So, my third tactic is this:

Remove the need for oil.

There is only one real reason that we have not replaced fossil fuels with renewables like solar, wind and sea and that is that our entire economic systems are built around the assumption that oil is the kingpin. The technology has been in place to make renewables the only necessary source of power for at least a decade and, gradually, the private consumer market is pushing these sources into play regardless. It is now a common sight to see people driving hybrid electric/petrol cars and fully electric vehicles are on the verge of becoming the vehicles of choice.

Once you remove oil from the equation, global politics shifts. The Middle East will no longer be anyone’s concern. America and its allies will no longer meddle in the affairs of the Muslim lands and, instead, from Palestine through to Pakistan, the warring factions will be left to their own to get on with sorting their divisions. Except that then oil will have ceased to be a trading chip. This is why I think this could be the cruellest tactic because the danger is that those in power in the Middle East will bury their heads and fail to keep up with the shift in renewable energy. Places like Saudi Arabia could literally go from riches to rags unless they shift and reinvest in new technology. What is for certain though is that no one will be interested in their land resources and so no one will care who controls what in that region. Effectively the Muslim lands will truly belong to the Muslims again.

Once that happens, the current dominance in so-called ‘Islamic terrorism’ would end. Without oil, groups like ISIS have no bargaining chip, no power and no sustainability. I have no doubt that there will continue to be great trouble as warring factions continue to fight over turf, but the world will no longer be involved and frankly, the internal fights will lack ‘bite’.

Photo from Common Dreams

“Whoever they decide to follow, whatever ideology they take up, it is in our hands. We can be heroes or villains: the choice is ours.”

Why we won’t do any of this

These three aims may seem simplistic and possibly not feasible but I disagree. The democratisation of news media means that the first two points can be taken up by any and all of us and the traditional media will eventually follow suit if enough of us do. The third is already occurring. But slowly – deliberately so.

Ultimately, it is in the interests of the West to keep ISIS or at least give space for ‘son of ISIS’ to grow (ISIS is, itself, the offspring of Bin Laden’s legacy). The usual reason given is the arms trade which takes place and, of course, this is true. But there’s a deeper reason:

We all need an enemy to fight.

For the first 50 years of the 20th century it was the Germans and their allies we hated. Then it was Russia and its communist allies until the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 80s. Bin Laden came just in the nick of time to give the Western world a new focus in who to hate. None of us had really thought about the Muslims before in this way. We were keen to take up this strange new enemy and revile them regardless of the real truth.

Without an enemy who is distant to us, we have no choice but to turn on ourselves because, in the end, we all want someone to hate. Governments recognise this. While they are fighting the so-called evils of ‘Islamicism’ our governments can appear as heroes (note the way most mainstream media is currently portraying ISIS as in the last throes of existence and proclaiming victory for the ‘free West’). Without an enemy, our people turn on our governments and start to ask uncomfortable questions. Governments do best in terms of popularity when they are fighting a recognisable and easily identifiable enemy.

So ISIS, in whatever form it will now morph into, will continue on and our governments will continue to spout damning rhetoric with smiles on their faces. I can predict already where the new form of terrorism will emerge. We are breeding, right now, a child generation to hate us and despise everything the West stands for. You’ll find them in all the refugee camps dotted around Europe. These are the children who needed our help and turned to us in despair and wanted some humanity and comfort. Instead we rejected and ignored them and, when forced to deal with them, did so with disgust which has been barely hidden.

One day these boys and girls will be men and women who will have lived their whole remembered lives spat at and distanced from whatever societies they are allowed to settle in. Whoever they decide to follow, whatever ideology they take up, it is in our hands. We can be heroes or villains: the choice is ours.

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19 Responses to How to kill ISIS (and why we don’t want to)

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  3. fonald says:

    wow, still at it, are you? idk, “kenthinksnot” is what came to my mind. Oil? it’s all about OIL?..Hitler was a great admirer of Islam. A political doctrine?system with the end goal of world conquest.(much like his Nazi doctrine). clothed in the sheep’s wool of a religion? you can”t fight religions, only nations. mein kamp was to Nazis” what the Koran is to Muslims. IT WAS MOHAMED’S STROKE OF GENIUS TO CALL IT A RELIGION, brilliant. and since its inception it, the barbaric followers of Islam have slaughtered each other and anyone who dares not submit to Allah..but you already knew this right? ISIS is the equivalent of Christian fundamentalist. Following the teachings, as written. The Islamic world wide jihad started long before anyone “OIL”. the Crusaders managed to stop Islam in its tracks after the first 500 years of Islamic expansion and aggression. I don’t know who or what can stop them now as they spread their hateful theology worldwide, under the guise of being refugees.with idiots like you obfuscating for them… One last thing, in a recent poll 47% of Bangladeshi”s think death is an appropriate penalty for the sin of homosexuality. good people bamboozled by a sick, twisted religion.


    • D K Powell says:

      Ahhh…so good to see you back my little right-wing troll. How your comments have been missed! You’re going to have a field day with some of the articles to come I think…
      So, let’s tackle your points one by one (easiest way as your arguments flow so rapidly as to be almost ‘stream of consciousness’ writing).
      Firstly, yes Fonald, it’s all about oil. This isn’t exactly news. Most historians and political commentators will admit that this has been the major preoccupation with American intervention in the Middle East since the 1940s. It’s hardly a conspiracy theory…
      Far from barbaric, Islamic society was enlightened and far more fair from the 600s to 1200 AD compared to the genuinely barbaric ‘Christian’ Europe. In fact, many peoples such as the Jews tended to migrate to Islamic countries rather than Christian ones as they would be better treated. Far from slaughtering non-Muslims, Islamic countries looked after all cultures and forced no one to convert. Bangladesh, in fact, is one of the great, great Muslim victories as it was entirely converted to Islam by the sufi saints without a single sword raised or life lost. Very different to how Christian invaders operated…
      The Crusaders DID NOT stop the Muslims in their tracks. Both came to be rather worried by the Mongol hoardes who took over almost all of Asia. At that point, effectively, Christians and Muslims stopped fighting and lived in relative peace after keeping the Mongols at bay. Hence, Europe learned of Islamic knowledge and the Renaissance was born. We OWE most of all our scientific knowledge and achievements to that which was started by Muslim scholars. Again, this is not conspiracy theory but well-established history. Facts, Fonald, you might like to try using them.
      Your comment on 47% of Bangladeshis thinking the death penalty is appropriate for homosexuality did make me laugh, I’m sorry to say. Firstly, the penalty for homosexuality is life imprisonment in Bangladesh. This comes from a BRITISH colonial law and not from Sharia (Bangladesh is a secular state) and it is one which is not enforced (though it is still very dangerous to be openly gay). I don’t know if your statistic is right (I’d like to see your source) but I think you’ll find your beloved Bible-believing America would like to see the death penalty for homosexuality too. Most Christians still believe it a sin and many in the US would like to see it punished. In the US, it was still listed as a mental illness until 1973. Illinois was the first state to decriminalise it in 1961 but in 1973 Maryland BANNED same sex marriage. Considering how a supposedly educated and enlightened America still has many states (31) still using the death penalty at all, It seems silly of you to point the finger at OPINION of people from a country where 70% are poor and have little or no education at all. As I point out in my latest, soon-to-be-published article, In the 1980s I knew people who openly believed all gays should be shot. You can’t accuse a country which is only just out of third-world conditions when your own history is equally as blinkered.

      Thanks for coming again! I shall now comment on your other comment…


  4. brilliant! accurate! excellent!
    also recommend Wink on nonviolence and Lakoff on politics.
    thanks for this

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Andy Walkingshaw says:

    Hits the nail right on the head Ken. I hope the answer to why we haven’t seen such attacks in more rural settings is that the people prepared to carry out such cold-blooded murder are really still quite rare and so concentrate their efforts towards iconic locations for maximum effect. In ‘peacetime’ mass murderers tend to be few and far between but as the Nazis showed us, powerful ideology can override ‘normal’ conscience.

    Liked by 2 people

    • D K Powell says:

      Yes your raise two very relevant points there Andy. Such murderers ARE a rarity but also how ideology can override. Interestingly, I fear that latter point more among the right wing brigade in America than I do the ‘turning’ of ordinary Muslims.


      • fonald says:

        the rise of the right wing brigade in America is another false narrative promoted by left wing demagogues…”FAKE NEWS” in its most obvious, easily debunked form. FEAR NOT, Ken. Here are the latest #s. July KKK rally at park attendance, 50 klansmen!!! Idk how many protesters last week, a few hundred white racists and associates vs. couple thousand left-wing fascists, protesting against them. and finally, today’s Boston rally, 50 ‘white rights people, and 10,000 counter-protesters and fascists.Fortunately, the Police did their job today. just in, it was 40,000. So don’t worry about the rise of “THE BRIGADE”.Now u can get a good nights sleep, like the rest of your flock.


        • D K Powell says:

          I don’t think you’re getting the point. The KKK are (thank God) a dying breed. But racism comes in many forms and at many depths. Few would want to go to Right wing rallies – but many support the general principles! See my next article on just this point.
          I won’t get a good night’s sleep while I know there are people like you going around who hate Muslims and legitimise the likes of Donald Trump. You are the reason the fight continues on. May the best man win…

          Liked by 1 person

          • fonald says:

            Hi D K, I don’t hate Muslims, in fact I have several Muslim friends.We have some very lively discussions, intelligent educated people, not likely to blow up anyone , anytime soon (except maybe me, but then again, I have it COMMING based on Islamic doctrine. Anyhow, I DO HATE the horribly hatefilled political doctrine pretending to be a religion and hell-bent on world conqest in the name of Allah known as “ISLAM”. And I do FEAR the prospect of ignorant boatloads of religous fanatics.showing up in my country trying to imose there laws and religion me and my fellow Americans as they have so successfully done an many countries Aroundd the world in the recent past. And guess what? My Muslim friends fear that as well….but u go ahead and keep pretending that what is happening isn’t really happening, right in front of your eyes.. Why don’t you adopt a rohinga family while your at it. I will take comfort in knowing that that, simple-minded enablers of the hatefull Islamic doctrine, such as yourself. Will be labeled as an apostate and killed by the very people you have embraced, long before I have to concern myself with that as a likley fate.!!! I do feel bad that your family?, has been put in danger by your recklessness and stupidity..I APOLOGISE for any errors here. I can’t find my glasses and everything is a blurr at the moment. Good luck with your quest to destroy Western civilization and reasonable people like me. Extremists and fanatics of any stripe ( such as yourself) usually win these battles, due to their fanatacism, and non religious nonfanatics like myself end up losing….so Congratulations in advance , The religion of peace (LOL) is winning the war.!!! how ironic…

            Liked by 1 person

            • D K Powell says:

              Fonald, strangely, your opening sentences I agreed with. I too have many Muslim friends who are moderates and are appalled at what a small handful of extremists are doing to abuse the name of Islam – a religion which you seem determined to think is hell bent on evil deeds when, in fact, it has enjoyed many hundreds of years of peaceful coexistence in the west.
              And then your good start does the usual descent into hate-filled madness. I’m struggling to find anything there that’s true. I don’t think you have any clue about what I do to protect my family in general but, believe me, I have done so for many years. I have no desire to ‘destroy western civilisation’ and nor do I ’embrace’ any kind of evil religion or people. There are good and bad people everywhere and I’ve come across as many evil and extremist Muslims as I have Christians over the last 30 years. I continue to visit Bangladesh where just the colour of my skin puts me in danger from extremists – but that’s no different to my hijabi friends in the UK who face abuse and the danger of being pushed in front of a car every single day by extremist right(white) wingers. I know for certain the situation is similar in the USA.

              I tell you what – I’ll confess to being simple-minded and opening up to the dangers of Islam if you’ll admit that all Americans and British are just as evil and out to destroy civilisation too. From where I stand, there’s no difference.


              • fonald says:

                Give me even one verified news account of a Muslim being pushed in front of a car here in America, There has been a huge increase in antijewish hate crimes here in America, not so for anti Muslim hate crimes. I find it telling that u consider the Islamic nonviolent takeover such a great achievement. I guess that was a first for “the religion of peace” pretty much conceding the fact that every other country was converted by force, against the will of the indigenous people. I want nothing to do with a religion hell bent on converting by any means necessary, the entire world to their religion, Islam is the only religion on the planet that condones the killing, conquering, converting and enslaving non believers. They have not peacefully coexisted with any other religion, ever!! Please give me a fee examples of this so-called peacefully coexistence with other religions. Also, attacking Christianity is not a valid defense of Islamic practices. I am not a Christian nor do I feel the need to defend that religion

                Liked by 1 person

                • D K Powell says:

                  Ok so here goes with some confirmed reports that involve the use of vehicles to hurt or kill Muslims in the USA (honestly, it’s not hard to look up). The idea of it being a car was a generalisation (although there are many accounts of exactly that in the UK) but the point is proven here:

                  And here’s a report (one of countless many) showing hate crimes against Muslims HAS risen dramatically:
                  Your idea that Islam forced all countries to convert is utter nonsense. It has never been the theological practice of Muslims to do so (although there are individual cases of Muslims leaders doing so of course – but there are always bad people in any religion or creed) – in India in fact, the Mughal Empire pretty much banned conversion to Islam – Hindus were meant to remain as Hindus. Islam did, of course, arise in a time where everyone fought everyone else and conversion to the religion of the winning army was a given fact – but Islam was different in that it offered protection to those that did not convert and was clear that there was to be no forcing of conversion at any time. It’s one of the few religions to state this clearly in its texts. You said “Islam is the only religion on the planet that condones the killing, conquering, converting and enslaving non believers” and you are completely, 100% wrong about this. Every single mainstream Muslim and Islamic leader around the world would totally disagree.
                  You really, really, really need to go back to your history books and read up on how Islamic cultures interacted with non-Muslims from around 700 until 1900. Bar the Crusades (in which both Christian and Muslim forces battled for political supremecy – right and wrongly in the name of God/Allah) they have coexisted peacefully for most of those centuries. Seriously, no decent historian would disagree with this. It is only in the 20th century, after underhand dealings for decades with the British and much much worse from the Americans over oil, that Muslims have arisen in anger and don’t trust the west. You should read what America did from 1940 until now in the Middle East – no wonder they were angry and don’t trust the west! Neither do I! If the positions were changed, we’d have done the same.
                  I am attacking Christianity only on the same basis you attack Islam. I AM a Christian – converted and practising for over 30 years – and so know the faith inside and out. Everything you throw at Islam I know can be thrown at Christianity. I use it not in the assumption that you are a Christian but simply because 2 billion people (and a huge swathe of Americans) claim that faith as their own. If you choose to condemn Islam you HAVE to condemn the Christians too. Indeed, if you did, you would find me more in support of your argument! But then, you need to remove all the extremist Christians from the USA if you want to do that with Muslims and you’ll find there’s an awful lot more of the former! Plus, ban all Christians coming into the USA too. I think that’s fair. In essence, my argument with you Fonald, is that you only seem to want to accuse Muslims and turn a blind eye to what non-Muslims are doing. I ask only for fairness. I don’t fear Muslims and I know that they can never take over the world – nor do they wish to. If they did, we’d all be dead by now! Those that are bad will be rooted out in the end – but the majority are normal and just like non-Muslims.


          • fonald says:

            U won’t get a good night sleep until people like me (people with opinions that differ from yours), are still are around. (U mean eliminated, don’t you?). U gotta admit it, that statement makes you a very scary guy!!!

            Liked by 1 person

            • D K Powell says:

              No not at all. I’m happy to have different opinions (indeed I’m used to being the odd one out) and I most certainly DON’T mean eliminated! and no, I don’t think the statement is scary. I AM concerned that some of he bigoted (and inaccurate) statements you’ve made are the same kind made by those who justify violence towards Muslims and other ‘unacceptables’ – THAT’S why I won’t sleep easy. No one who holds my views goes around killing right-wingers. Alas, people DO go around hurting, abusing and killing Muslims. THAT’S why I won’t sleep easy and why I won’t stop fighting for fairness and the end to prejudice.


      • ken – it takes all kinds i guess


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