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What was I doing again?

Over the last thirty-six hours while Wifey has been swanning off down south giving a lecture, I’ve been the epitome of modern masculinity. The house is clean. The dishes are all spotless. The stack of ironing as tall as a Bengali is … Continue reading

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33 Teachers Who Got The Last Laugh

Continuing on my current obsession with funny stuff, this time I’m making the tenuous link of education being one of the themes of this blog. These are brilliant, brilliant examples of how to be a teacher. Apart from a couple of … Continue reading

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22 Animals Who’ve Been Hiding Out In The London Underground Map

Today, a little humour for you. I say humour rather than humor as this is particularly British (and so justifiably published as British is one of the main themes of this blog). Nevertheless, I hope everyone reading this enjoys it anyway, as I did … Continue reading

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With Cameron squirming, just how are others feeling?

This kind of thing has been going around the internet for a while but I enjoyed reading this particular incarnation on Facebook just recently. I’m afraid I can’t really credit it to anyone although I shared it from the Facebook … Continue reading

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A Little Holiday Fun: 25 Cats

If you’re reading this then that should mean (I hope) that I am on holiday in Thailand for a week. In between frantic packing, I came across this little cutie collection. I don’t normally do cats in cute poses but … Continue reading

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