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The Myths of ‘Friends forever’ and ‘you are all that you need’

Just recently I was chatting on messenger with a good friend of mine. Funnily enough, we were talk about just that – being good friends. We decided we were on the verge of considering each other ‘old friends’ because we’ve … Continue reading

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I know why you have the nightmares

I know why you have the nightmares Why you fear a demon hoarde I know why you seek the light But cannot find the Lord I know why the peace evades you Why the universe is still I know why … Continue reading

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Confession: I am a man-whore

The title says it all: I am a man-whore. Should I be ashamed of this? It is, I confess, a dirty secret. I can’t help myself. It’s like a fixation in me. And I’m getting ever more desperate because I’m … Continue reading

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A busy Bangla month!

My goodness the last few weeks have been crazy! After the successful launch of my book ‘The Old Man on the Beach’, soaring to #1 on Amazon for Kindle books and to #31 for paperback books a few days later, … Continue reading

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The Council of Dogs

The barn was crowded that evening. All the dogs bar the young and infirm had responded to the call for the council meeting. It was a momentous occasion and they all knew it. Just one thing on the agenda and … Continue reading

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