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Going all the way? A Review of “The Full Monty” opening night in Egremont

I’ve just spent an evening watching attractive women sexily gyrate their bodies, a pretty girl remove her knickers, a young man bear his backside and six men of various ages and…ahem…sizes strip off their clothes leaving nothing to the imagination. … Continue reading

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When the young woman wanted me naked

I was flattered, I really was. Who wouldn’t be? When an attractive young woman admits to wanting you, naked, coaxing you by saying you’re ‘perfect’ (Yes she really did use that word and my ego grew). Weirdly, the thought of Wifey didn’t … Continue reading

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Suffering for the sake of art?

I love playing the Tabla drums. You can be much more creative on them than you can on the Western-style Drum kit and the rhythms are every bit as difficult – in some ways more so. I have enjoyed learning … Continue reading

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Minipost 19 – Movies and Censorship

I love horror fiction. Not all – blood and guts bores me, can disgust me (just why invent such nasty things) and, at best, makes me laugh – sometimes tomato ketchup and latex looks just too silly. Horrors that are … Continue reading

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A Night Out with The Solway Deltas

When I grow up I want to be in the Solway Deltas. This was not a post I was expecting to be writing I have to say. Having popped over to the UK from Bangladesh for a Masters course, I … Continue reading

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