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The magic of the scriptures?

The Holy Scriptures tell us: * that some of the night celestial bodies in the sky are a deception and not really there (Hezekiah 3:4) * that our beings came from the heavens and we lived many lives over (Ishmael … Continue reading

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Doing some work for a client at the moment looking at personality and research into theories of the development of the self. Along the way I have been researching Eysenck’s famous work into personality traits and his even more famous … Continue reading

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The Black Dog of Doom and other melodramas

I have a confession to make. I’m struggling with depression. It isn’t easy to admit it and I’m not proud of the struggle but it is important to admit it, today of all days, because today is the year anniversary … Continue reading

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“It’s black and blue”: How ‘that dress’ might make us more open-minded

Did it happen over night for you like it did for me? I woke up to find a friend had written a post about a dress and why some saw it as ‘black and blue’ and others as ‘white and … Continue reading

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