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The Council of Dogs

The barn was crowded that evening. All the dogs bar the young and infirm had responded to the call for the council meeting. It was a momentous occasion and they all knew it. Just one thing on the agenda and … Continue reading

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The Lone Jigsaw Piece

Dedicated to KP who inspired this allegory. Conversations after ‘Missionary Midnight’ are always the best. Once there was a box of jigsaw pieces which sat on  the Dining Table. The pieces were very happy together even though they were all … Continue reading

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It’s almost here…

It’s almost here! This will be the cover for my collection of short stories which, despite delays, should come out by the end of February. Excited. Much.

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NaNoWriMo 2014 – The End

Finally, NaNoWriMo is over and I have 60,000 words of a first draft completed. Well done if you’ve read them all! Of course, this doesn’t mean the book is also finished and I’m ready to publish. Oh no – there’s … Continue reading

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Justathirdculturekid – Flower of Hope

Originally posted on justathirdculturekid:
Her alta-dyed feet stepped softly through the cemetery, her white silk saree hem brushed the dew covered grass getting soaked and stained. But she didn’t mind. She knew her husband would be angry later on but…

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