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Sonali blurb front coverSonali is a book of photographic memories and observations of the beautiful land of Bangladesh. Taken from my personal collection of photos collected during six years living and working with the poorest people in the country, Sonali offers a wonderful impression of a country often ignored by the rest of the world.

All profits from the book go towards helping a young Bangladeshi woman – Ria (find out more) – achieve her dream of completing a business degree to use in Bangladesh helping empower women in this male-dominated country.

After you purchase the book, why not leave a comment or review on the book site? Feel free to review the book on your own site too and leave links here in the comments below. I will tweet followers to your site in return. Also do please share this page and/or the book site to those who follow you and spread the word!

Important information:  For best viewing results I recommend purchasers of the pdf version should set their pdf reader to 2 page view with ‘Show Cover Page’ option selected.

An example of one of the inside pages of Sonali

An example of one of the inside pages of Sonali

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What other’s are saying about Sonali:

“…visually stunning…” Canvas Of The Mind, USA

“…a beautiful book…” Jacqui, UK

The book is beautiful and extremely emotional. Simply loved it…a treasure to be kept…” Kruti Mehta, 10 Evening Flowers, India

“…I can’t wait to own that book already…” Us, Love & Streetlights, London UK


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